Rielle Hunter talked about her affair with John Edwards, the former Senator and 2008 Presidential candidate, in her first TV interview in four years. The scandal served to sink Edwards’ political career in a drawn out saga that’s played out over many years.

John Edwards

Photo: John Edwards
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Seemingly from nowhere, the now-51-year Rielle Hunter made an appearance on The Steve Harvey Show in a “where are they now” segment. The last time she surfaced, it was to promote her memoir, ‘What Really Happened: John Edwards, Our Daughter and Me’ back in 2012. She was widely criticized for her negative characterizations of Edwards’ late estranged wife, Elizabeth Edwards, who died of breast cancer the year before, and who had battled the disease through the affair.

In the new interview she spoke about the affair which began back in 2007, and was first exposed by The National Enquirer and said of her long-term involvement with Edwards that they were “madly in love.” She went on to say, “This was not a frivolous relationship. We were together for nine years.”

The couple’s love child, Quinn, is now nine years old. Her parentage was part of the lengthy cover-up with saw Edwards’ aide, Andrew Young claim to be the father, with Edwards finally admitting the truth back in 2010 after having lied. His estranged wife, Elizabeth Edwards, battling breast cancer before and during the affair died in 2011.

Hunter said of the cover-up that it was “insane.” She went on to speak of why she went along with it, saying, “”I was afraid that my daughter, who was unborn at that time, would not have a dad. And I also didn’t want to hurt anybody. It was in the middle of a campaign, and I didn’t want to be the one to bring down an entire campaign.”

Hunter, back in 2012, while promoting her book had said that she and Edwards had split. In her new interview, she revealed that they were still involved until last year. She said of their current relationship status, “We’re not together, but we still love each other.” She went on to say, “He’s a great dad. She’s very loved.”

Hunter, reflecting upon the affair, said that she was “I really, truly did not mean to hurt anybody, and I wasn’t thinking of anybody by myself.” She went on to say, “And I was absolutely wrong, absolutely.”

As for her life now, she spoke of the longtime involvement with John Edwards, saying, “We weathered the storm and we came out the other side with this beautiful child, who is amazing. And I’ve forgiven myself and we’ve moved on.”

You can see Rielle Hunter talking about her affair with John Edwards in the video below.