Chaz Bono opened up about his 75-pound weight loss and reveals that among the challenges he faced when dropping the pounds was body dysphoria. He spoke out in a new interview and said his transgender transition became crucial to his ultimate success.

Chaz Bono

Photo: Chaz Bono
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It’s been a while since the 46-year-old transgender activist and son of Cher and the late Sonny Bono has given an interview on television about his weight loss efforts.

Chaz Bono’s stint on “Dancing with the Stars” with pro dancer Lacey Schwimmer served to jump start his weight loss efforts and he went public with his decision and resolve, as viewers did see him drop some pounds. He was later under the guidance of the physician co-hosts of the daytime TV talk show ‘The Doctors’ as they provided him nutritional and fitness support.

Now in a new interview with Oprah Winfrey, for her ‘Oprah: Where Are They Now’ series, Bono is candid about the struggles he faced which went far beyond food choices. He said, “I would have never been able to do it before [transitioning]. I was too disconnected from my body, and the dysphoria that I had with my body was too much to be able to have cared enough to anything like that.”

Chaz Bono previously opened up about having undergone plastic surgery. He spoke on an episode of ‘The Doctors’ a couple years ago in which he admitted skin reduction surgery after his weight loss, as well as liposuction on his thighs and neck and an abdominoplasty, i.e. a tummy tuck.

He told the audience at that time that the dietary changes he made included cutting out sugar as well as almost all grains and dairy and that he was eating “vegetables, meat, fruit, nuts.”

Since then, the results have been evident. As he is a frequent fixture on the red carpet, before and after photos (below) are numerous.

Later in that same interview with Oprah, he spoke out about why looking back at old pictures was not a pleasant experience. He said, “For most transgender people, we don’t really like to see pictures of us before transitioning because life was really hard beforehand. They’re generally not happy memories.” Continuing, he added, “It doesn’t, you know, bring back fun nostalgia. You just are reminded of the pain you were in.”

But thankfully the story has a happy ending, as Chaz Bono lives an authentic life and found continued weight loss success. You can see the interview video and pictures below.

Photos: Chaz Bono
Credit: PR Photos

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