Lauren Mirra was the wife of Dave Mirra. The death of the BMX legend and host of MTV’s ‘The Challenge’ has shocked the world. You can see photos and find out more about the spouse he left behind.

My rock! Thank god

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Photo: Lauren Mirra and Dave Mirra
Credit: PR Photos

Lauren Mirra was Dave Mirra’s wife from 2006 until his death at age 41 from an apparent suicide; he was found dead in Greenville, North Carolina in his truck of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. The shocking news was reported by multiple news outlets including TMZ and confirmed by the Greenville Police on Facebook.

As his many fans, admirers, and friends — both celebrities and public figures and private citizens alike — react to this stunning and heartbreaking news, the fact remains, most sad of all, that he leaves beyond his wife and his two children, daughters, Madison Mirra and Mackenzie Mirra.

Dave Mirra’s life story is well known to fans, and for those who followed him in social media, some details of the Lauren Mirra biography have been glimpsed through pictures, especially on Instagram. He frequently posted pictures of his family, and he frequently used the hashtag #BeaDadNotaFad.

In fact, his final Instagram photo, shortly before his death, which you can see above, was a tribute to his wife, and captioned “My rock! Thank god.”

Lauren Mirra has a social media presence of her own. She is a registered HYI, a Holy Yoga Instructor. As such, she is active on Instagram (here), where she frequently posts photos of herself (you can see several) as well as inspirational quotes and passages from Scripture, in accordance with the practice of the Christian-oriented Holy Yoga. She is also active on Facebook (here) promoting her yoga practice. The sole post announces her yoga classes at the Hilton Greenville.

Her maiden name was Lauren Blackwell. She married Dave Mirra in November 2006 and, as noted, the couple had two daughters.

Our prayers and condolences for family, loved ones, friends and colleagues in the aftermath of the death of the trailblazing BMX legend, Dave Mirra. See photos of wife, Lauren Mirra below.