Jono Freedrix is Laverne Cox’s boyfriend, reportedly. ‘The Orange Is the New Black’ star has been frequently seen in the company of the theater and film company director and there’s quite a buzz right now! See photos and get the latest details on the new couple.

Laverne Cox

Photo: Laverne Cox
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The 31-year-old trailblazing actress and transgender activist has been subject to much speculation and rumor about her love life. And, as we know in the absence of official confirmation, any sort of fuel will do. In this case, there are eyewitnesses that claim she and Jono Freedrix have been seen in public, and not shy about PDA.

According to US Weekly unnamed sources say they saw the couple together at the at the Weinstein Company/Netflix SAG Awards afterparty. This is where they reportedly were seen kissing and dancing together. They also attended the Screen Actors Guild Awards ceremony together.

Laverne Cox has not confirmed anything, as of yet. But there’s a pictorial evidence trail that reveals that she and Jono Freedrix have known each other for some time. They were photographed sitting together at the 2014 Emmy Awards, for instance. And, more than a year ago, Freedrix posted a photo of himself standing alongside Cox and a third person (see it below).

Some time ago, in an interview with E!News Laverne Cox said, “”I’m managing to find time to date” and went on to tell the celebrity news outlet, “I’m seeing someone but we haven’t defined what we’re doing.”

No, she didn’t name any names, but she did go on to say, “We’re just enjoying each other’s company and having a very good time and laughing together and supporting each other.”

But now with the eyewitness reports and the insider tidbits the public is being fed, it’s not a surprise that the curiosity over the Jono Freedrix biography details are at the proverbial fever pitch. As someone in the entertainment industry with a strong social media presence, he’s not an elusive private citizen by any means. That said, he’s suddenly getting a lot more attention.

According to his official Web site Freedrix is the president the Vancouver-based film and theater company, The Virtual Stage. He has relocated to Brooklyn, New York. Previously he was a high school teacher and taught photography and drama. In addition to that, during his teaching days he also ran Killarney Films, an award-winning filmmaking program for teens.

iMDb notes that his original name is Jonathan Friedrichs and that he has several acting and writing credits including “Mayor Mulligan (Makes a Mistake)” and “Bloody Mary.”

He’s active on Instagram (here) and on Twitter (here) and posts multiple pictures. But no need to go hunting and gathering, as you’ll find numerous Jono Freedrix photos and video below!

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