Helen Wogan was the wife of Terry Wogan, the late legendary British radio broadcaster and television presenter. In his death he leaves behind the woman whom he married more than 50 years ago. You can see photos and find out more about the couple who were together for such a long time.

Helen Wogan and Terry Wogan

Photo: Helen Wogan and Terry Wogan
Credit: PR Photos

Helen Wogan was Terry Wogan’s wife from 1965 until his death. A legend in broadcasting his career spanned many decades on both television and radio, Wogan as known to millions as the host of the morning talk show, ‘Wake Up to Wogan’ on BBC Radio 2 for more than 20 years, until 2009. And every year since 1980 — with the exception of last year — he was the host of the hours-long telecast, ‘BBC Children in Need’ raising money for disabled children in the UK.

And as celebrities and fans alike are paying tribute to the man, he leaves behind a wife and three children. According to the official statement, he died of cancer, surrounded by family.

While Terry Wogan’s life story is well known to Britons and, to some extent, the rest of the world, there’s much curiosity for the details of the Helen Wogan biography. Like her husband, she was born in Ireland. Before she was married she was a successful model and her maiden name was Helen Joyce.

From an archival news article, we learn that she married Terry Wogan in April 1965, in her parish church, Our Lady of Refuge, Rathmines. They spent their honeymoon in Torremolinos, Spain. The couple’s wedding photos are online and you can see them here.

While that’s quite an archival gem, if one looks for current news on Helen Wogan, there’s little to be found in media or social media. But, as you can see above and below, there are red carpet pictures. The couple had four children, and three are surviving. A daughter died in early infancy.

But we get some clues from a rare interview from Terry Wogan himself, back in 2009, around the time that he retired from his morning radio show. He told The Daily Mail that it was “her absolutely stunning beauty” that first attracted him to her, as he noted that she was, at that time a “highly successful international model” and among the most beautiful women in Ireland, in his estimation.

Asked what kept them together he said, “we married in Ireland when there was no opportunity for divorce” and went on to say that despite difficulties and problems over the years, “We’re as happy now as we have ever been.”

Our prayers and condolences for and the family, loved ones, friends and colleagues of the legendary broadcaster who, for so many has been a part of their lives for so many decades.

Photos: Helen Wogan and Terry Wogan
Credit: PR Photos

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