Kyle Richards opened up about her weight loss success and shared some of her diet and fitness secrets. The ‘Real Housewives of Beverley Hills’ star also admitted that she has undergone a new cosmetic procedure to enhance her physique.

Kyle Richards

Photo: Kyle Richards
Credit: PR Photos

The 47-year-old former child actress continues to impress with her svelte and shapely physique. As always it begs the question, what does she do to keep her weight down and to maintain it. After all, there’s a whole industry devoted to this; we see the celebrity and we admire the celebrity and we want to emulate.

Well, this time around, instead of leaving it to speculation, Kyle Richards showed up at the launch event for the new FDA-approved weight loss procedure SculptSure.

Not only that, in she admitted that she’s used it specifically for her “muffin top” which she said she’s insecure about. In an interview with People, she made her confession, saying, “I mean, who wouldn’t do that? It literally is so easy. I want to do my entire body from head to toe!”

As described, the procedure uses lasers to zap fat from the body in just 25 minutes. Some might think this long overdue. Or at the very least, consolation for our not yet having flying cars even though we’re well into the second decade of the 21st century.

She did go on to tell People about her fitness routine, and said that she does Barry’s Boot Camp, which is increasingly popular among celebrities, and that she mixes in SoulCycle as well as yoga and hiking.

She said, “A lot of times when I’m rushing, I drop my kids off at school and I’ll just leave my car at school and loop this very steep hill there and back because I know it’s a lot of bang for my buck.”

She also said her husband, Mauricio Umansk is also devoted to fitness. She said, “We used to work out together more, but lately our schedules are so crazy that I tend to work out in the morning and then he’ll come home and use the boxing machine in our house at like 9:30 at night.”

As for her diet, she told People of her preference for organic produce and salmon and that she’s not into “crash diets.” She went on to say, “I’m really into being healthy because I lost both my parents to cancer, so I’m really scared of those things.”

Kudos for sharing that perspective. In the craze of this industry it’s a perspective often lost. After all, there’s more to health than looking good for the camera; it’s our very survival.

You can see a photo below from the launch event, as Kyle Richards reveals her weight loss success!