Sarah Paulson and her girlfriend Holland Taylor made their awards season red carpet debut at the Critics Choice Awards and you can see the photos and the video right here of the ‘American Horror Story’ star and the former ‘Two and a Half Men’ star, both dazzling and clearly happy together.

Sarah Paulson

Photo: Sarah Paulson
Credit: PR Photos

Not so long after they first confirmed they were a couple, the 41-year-old Sarah Paulson and the 73-year-old Holland Taylor made quite an appearance. Paulson was dazzling in a knee-length silver Naeem Kahn dress and Taylor opted for a black-and-gold ensemble.

But it wasn’t the red carpet fashion choices that are driving the story. Nor was it Paulson’s nomination for Best Supporting Actress in a movie made for television or limited series for her role in ‘American Horror.’ After all, we know that in this day and age in which it’s still big news when Hollywood stars are openly gay, lesbian or bisexual, it becomes still a big deal and with it much attention.

That’s been the case with this couple, as they walk the red carpet quite matter of factly while it’s the world, or parts of it at least, that still make a big fuss.

In fact, the couple may be setting a much needed new tone of being together without all the fanfare, political and otherwise. As People magazine reports, in an interview on the WNYC podcast ‘Death, Sex & Money,’ Holland Taylor first opened up about the relationship, without revealing any names, saying, “It’s the most wonderful, extraordinary thing that could have ever possibly happened in my life” and steering clear of the whole song-and-dance of a formal “coming out” she said, “I haven’t come out because I am out” and went on to say, “I live out.

For her part, Sarah Paulson has not discussed the relationship in interviews, but along with Taylor, has been somewhat nonchalantly celebrating happiness on social media with cozy pictures. And of course, along the way, tabloids have stalked them both even in the days that they sought to keep a low profile and one can Google and find such splashy stories.

You can see photos of Sarah Paulson and Holland Taylor here and see more photos below along with video!

Photos: Sarah Paulson
Credit: PR Photos

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