Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach, Miss Philippines, opened up about the mix-up at the pageant that saw host Steve Harvey announce the wrong winner, Miss Colombia, Ariadna Gutierrez. In her first live TV interview, she shared her perspective on those awkward moments that were broadcast live all over the world.

Pia Wurtzbach

Photo: Pia Wurtzbach
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The 26-year-old Pia Wurtzbach was the real winner, although initially Steve Harvey announced her as the runner-up. After a couple of moments, with Miss Colombia. Ariadna Gutierrez, erroneously being celebrated in a crowning moment, shockingly, Harvey took to the microphone to apologize for his error. Belatedly, Wurtzbach was crowned after that same crown was removed from Gutierrez’s head.

Now, in her own stead, Miss Universe spoke out, in a live television interview on ‘Good Morning America.’ In what would have been a routine first day on the job, instead has become yet another viral moment, as she had her first opportunity to talk about that moment on stage.

She told interviewer, GMA co-anchor Lara Spencer how she felt when initially she was named runner up. She said, “It was very exciting. Of course, I wanted to win.” She went on to say that she had competed three times before winning the title of Miss Philippines and said that in her country, “It’s a big deal. It’s been 33 years since we last won. We finally did it.”

Asked about whether she thought Steve Harvey should return to host again next year, she said, “Yeah, why not? I think he’s a breath of fresh air, he made us feel very relaxed, the contestants. It makes us show our personalities a little bit more. I think that benefits everybody, especially the viewers.”

She added, “It’s live television. People make mistakes and Steve Harvey was very gracious to apologize. I accept his apology and I think it speaks a lot about his character.”

When asked about Miss Colombia, Ariadna Gutierrez, who after initially accepting the loss graciously opened up about how she felt in those moments, in an interview on Colombian radio. She’s quoted as saying that the mix-up was “a great injustice” and that “it was very humiliating for me, but also for the whole country.”

Asked if she had spoken to Gutierrez, Wurtzbach said, “I did greet her on her birthday, Christmas day. I was able to ask her how she’s doing. She seems like she’s okay. I understand how she feels. I’m also concerned with her and I know that she is a beautiful young lady and very talented. And I think that she’ll have a lot of other opportunities. She’ll do very well, I’m sure.”

Asked what she would say to Miss Colombia’s supporters who have been quite vocal in social media, she said, “I understand how they feel because, of course, they want their bet to win. It’s completely understandable. If it was the other way around, I’m sure the Flipinos would feel a little bit disappointed with the results.”

When asked what she thought about the two of them sharing the crown, as some have suggested — notably Donald Trump, who previously was a stakeholder in the Miss Universe organization — Wurtzbach said, “I think it would be a little bit difficult for two girls to share a crown. But I have high hopes that this will give great opportunities for me and Miss Colombia and the the rest of the contestants.”

It has been an unusual twist in pageant history as this time around, a contestant has lost her crown not from her own actions or some unearthed scandal — as is usually the case — but from an unimaginable mix-up. At the very least, the pageant has gotten a lot of attention in an era in which pageants are arguably passe.

You can see Miss Universe, Pia Wurtzbach, talk about the historic mix-up and more below!

Photos: Pia Wurtzbach
Credit: PR Photos

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