Lorraine Kelly opens up about the fitness and workout secrets that have led to her weight loss success. The British TV presenter also reveals how she has stayed motivated to keep the weight off and shares some of her exercise tips and time management strategies.

Lorraine Kelly

Photo: Lorraine Kelly
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The 56-year-old Lorraine Kelly has been in the public eye for decades, and the public has indeed witnessed her ongoing struggle. She reveals the steps she took to end that long struggle. She’s not just dropped the pounds and gotten into terrific shape, but, she’s also released a new fitness DVD in collaboration with the personal fitness trainer, Maxine Jones, who helped her reach her goals.

Kelly told UK Mirror, “I’ve lost a lot of weight, toned up and, most importantly, kept the weight off.” She didn’t divulge how many pounds she lost, nor her starting weight or final weight, but, she did go on to speak of what led to her success.

Speaking of her ongoing work with Maxine Jones, she said, “Max’s classes are just so much fun.” Elaborating, she said, “She uses some cracking tunes, like [Maroon 5’s] Moves Like Jagger, so you don’t feel like you’re working out – it’s like being at a disco!”

Kelly went on to say, “I was always looking for a type of exercise I could just enjoy, because when I was doing my marathon training [Lorraine has run four] I absolutely hated it; I’d be kicking and screaming the whole way, getting up early in winter to do it when it was utterly miserable outside.”

Now Kelly has taken her workout success to the next level in releasing the new fitness DVD. She opened up on how that came about, saying, ” “I used to post all these sweaty selfies at the end of my sessions, and I’d get messages from women saying things like, “It looks like you’re having the best time, how can we share in it?”

Kelly continued, saying, “The power of social media! So we decided to make something any woman could join in with.”

Asked how she was able to fit in her workouts and keep up a demanding schedule, Lorraine Kelly told the publication, “I ring-fence an hour in my diary to devote to my classes on Mondays and Wednesdays.” She went on to say, “And when I’m in London, I walk as much as possible, too; mainly because the traffic is so terrible, you’ve got to! I always carry heels in my bag and wear flats to get around.”

She also reflected upon her weight loss journey and opened up about how looking fit and trim has given her new confidence. She said, “”I’ve got a really pert bottom now! And I’ve got a waist; it goes in, instead of the middle-aged spread that was there a few years ago.” Continuing, she added, “”My arms have never looked so toned. In fact, I’ve never looked or felt better in my life – better even than when I was in my twenties. I can wear the clothes I want to wear without covering up all the time.”

The enthusiasm is infectious and it’s easy to see how her Instagram posts and pictures — some of which you can see below — let her to want to share these secrets with the public. Of course, truly there’s not secrets at all. As with anything, weight loss and fitness require discipline, and an ongoing commitment. Kelly has become one of those public figures who are relateable and able to inspire others.

There’s much more to the interview, and you can see it in its entirety here , along with video and get more of Lorraine Kelly’s weight loss and fitness tips!