Kesha gave a surprise concert in Nashville with her new band, the Yeast Infection. It marked her first live performance in many months as she is embroiled in lawsuits that have put a halt, for now, to her recording career.


Photo: Kesha
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Yes, it’s been a while since we’ve seen Kesha on stage. The 28-year-olfd singer-songwriter who rose to fame with the smash hit ‘Tik Tok’ had been at the top of the charts just a few years ago. She was known as Ke$ha back then, with a dollar sign, and of late has gone back to her real first name professionally.

Her notoriety of late has not been for music, but for the highly publicized legal battle with her former producer Dr. Luke, and she has been trying to get out of her Sony Music recording contract. It’s been a long and protracted embroilment, with TMZ and other sites keeping the world informed — it is one of those tabloid-style stories, unfortunately — when, in all truthfulness both Kesha herself and her fans would love to see it all come to a favorable end.

In a message that she posted to Facebook fan page to her 31+ million followers, she seemed to allude to her situation, saying, in part, “No matter what, no one will ever stop me from making noise. never let anyone take ur happiness. that’s the only way they beat u. never let them win. love u all. merry merry.”

In another message she was even more pointed, saying, “Thanks for all of the support this year!!!….Don’t worry NO ONE will ever shut me up.”

She has a new band, the Yeast Infection, and she made good on that promise, as along with her new band, the Yeast Infection, she took to the stage at Springwater Lounge in Nashville, and documented the concert in Instagram pics and video, which you can see below, as well as an extended video posted on Facebook.

It’s unclear as to what this new chapter with the new band entails. More surprise gigs? Touring? But for now, you can see photos plus the video below of Kesha’s surprise concert in Nashville below!

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HAPPY HOLLERDAYZ from Y E A S T I N F E C T I O N!!! I love all of my ANIMALS!!! Thanks for all of the support this year!!!….Don't worry NO ONE will ever shut me up.

Posted by Kesha on Friday, December 25, 2015