Jillian Michaels graces the cover of Women’s Health Magazine in skimpy attire revealing her impressive abs and is outspoken on weight loss and fitness success secrets. Find out what the celebrity trainer has to say and see the stunning new photos.

 Jillian Michaels

Photo: Jillian Michaels
Credit: PR Photos

The 42-year-old celebrity fitness guru rose to fame on NBC’s ‘The Biggest Loser,’ and has from time to time found herself in the news with her numerous entrepreneurial and television endeavors, including her latest, the docu-series on E!, ‘Just Jillian.’ At the start of the New Year’s resolution season, she’s a mainstay with her motivational tough love approach to dropping the pounds and sticking with the diet and the workout routine.

She opens up to Women’s Magazine on this and on more personal topics as well. She denounced her peers for the increasingly popular practice of posting belfies. Yes, this new subgenre of the ubiquitous selfie is getting more popular as more and more want to reveal shots of their derrieres.

She said, “I’m not into fitness professionals who post selfies that show off their butts or other body parts. Come on, that’s not fitness – it’s soft-core porn. Put your clothes on.”

She went on to say, “I get it – you love your body and bravo that – but it’s not fitness.” She went on to say, “Fitness to me is about empowering people. It’s about redefining self-image.”

She also shared her thoughts about those who are struggling to reach weight loss goals, saying, “I think people need to love themselves no matter who they are or what they look like, because only from that place can you truly have happiness and abundance.”

She went on to speak with her signature candor and said, ‘But I’m not going to embrace people being unhealthy…If you really loved yourself, you would know that if we cut your artery open, it wouldn’t be a beautiful thing.”

Continuing, she added, “So this is where I’m like, “Let’s completely separate your beauty and your worth from your body. You as a person? You’re beautiful; you’re worthy. Your body? Unhealthy. ‘Let’s cut the s—.’

She also shared some of her workout success tips and opened up on how she herself stays motivated. Michaels said, “If I had to think about finding something in the gym that doesn’t make me wish I was dead in the moment, I really love body-weight training and being very creative with my physicality. Whether it’s free running, or any type of calisthenics exercise, that peaks my curiosity.”

She also shared her thoughts on why she believes she has had such success as a fitness guru. She said noted that when people pose the question, “they would always find so much fault with any aspect of my fitness pedigree or my physique and yet ask why have I been so successful in the field of fitness?” In reflecting upon her success, she said, “And I think there are a host of reasons—from authenticity, passion, etc. But another reason I think that I’m so relatable is because I hate to workout.”

And there you have it, the candid admission that keeps Jillian Michaels so down to earth. Those who are striving are not alone; it’s really about the discipline!

You can see Jillian Michael’s Women’s Health magazine cover below and more of the interview here.