American Idol alum Joey Cook was arrested in Wyoming and for alleged marijuana possession. See the mugshot photo of the singer and find out more about the circumstances and how she came to be in police custody and thus in the news.

Joey Cook mugshot

Photo: Joey Cook

The arrest of the 24-year-old Woodbridge, Virginia native instantly made international news. She rose to fame as a seventh place finisher on American Idol season 14. Now the Joey Cook booking photo (above) has gone viral as is usually the case. The singer was on tour at the time, and needless to say, this is not the kind of attention one wants when going about one’s music career.

According to TMZ, Joey Cook was arrested in in Rock Springs, Wyoming after the TSA caught her with marijuana in her luggage at an airport in the state. She spent a total of five hours in jail and after appearing before a judge, was released with a $240 fine and 12 months probation.

Cook issued a written apology statement to People magazine. After apologizing for “any inconvenience” she caused she went on to thank “the city of Rock Springs, Wyoming for their dedicated service and due diligence during this harrowing time.”

She went on to say, “While I am not advocating my actions, as an epileptic, I’ve relied on natural remedies to manage my symptoms with great effectiveness.”

People further reports that she was able to continue on her tour, and her performance in Denver, Colorado.

During her time on American Idol, Joey Cook drew notice for her performances including her cover of Miley Cyrus’ ‘Wrecking Ball’ which you can see below. She was also known for her colorful hair styled in a pageboy. It was lavender at the time and, in the mug shot she’s sporting bright blue hair. Prior to Idol she toured with indie rock band Mammoth Indigo.

Check back for updates in the developing story of the arrest of American Idol Joey Cook.