Joan Collins opens up about the death of her sister, bestselling author, Jackie Collins, in a live television interview. The British acting legend spoke of coping with her grief while also paying tribute to her for bravery in her battle against breast cancer.

Joan Collins

Photo: Joan Collins
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The 82-year-old former ‘Dynasty’ star was on the Today Show to promote her auction of memorabilia from the iconic 1980s primetime soap, as well as her newly published novel, ‘The St. Tropez Lonely Hearts Club.’

But first at hand, her comments on the death of her sister, Jackie Collins, at age 77 even as she was in the midst of promoting her last novel was ‘The Santangelos.’

She said of her, “She was kind and loving, she was the best mother in the world. She was the most wonderful person. She was kind and loving. She was the best mother in the world. I mean, she brought up her children while she was writing books.”

And yes, Jackie Collins, with 32 international bestsellers to her name, was active to the very end, and her death of breast cancer, left the entertainment world was left in shock. Nine days before her passing she was on the UK daytime talk show ‘Loose Women’ and active on social media until nearly the very end.

Later, after the fact, we learned that even her Joan Collins did not find out about the terminal cancer until two weeks before her death.

Joan Collins went on to say of her sister’s death, “We’re all devastated. We’re all going to be together at Christmas. We were all going to go to Hawaii but, of course, we’re not now. So we’re all going to be in London. And there’s millions of us: Jackie had three children, six grandchildren. I’ve got three children, three grandchildren. They’ve all got partners and boyfriends.”

Collins said of her sister’s choice, “”She wanted to keep it secret. “She said, ‘I don’t want to be on the front of the trash magazines saying those things.’ So rather than face “Jackie Collins is ill!” headlines, she kept it to herself.”

Yes, some of the details did emerge, but just as Jackie Collins had wanted it. In her last interview, with People magazine, published posthumously, she said, “I did it my way, as Frank Sinatra would say. I’ve written five books since the diagnosis, I’ve lived my life, I’ve travelled all over the world, I have not turned down book tours and no one has ever known until now when I feel as though I should come out with it.” And in retrospect, the secrecy was quite a coup, and a tribute to her resiliency and resolve.

You can see the full video of Joan Collins’ interview, and her comments on late sister Jackie Collins below.