LeAnn Rimes gave live performances including the title track, ‘Today Is Christmas’ of her new holiday album and other songs from her new holiday album, and also opened up about how she and husband Eddie Cibrian and the family celebrate the season.

LeAnn Rimes

Photo: LeAnn Rimes
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The 33-year-old multi-Grammy winning country music star now joins the ever lengthening list of artists of all genres who have graced us with their take on Christmas holiday music. In fact, this is her second such album in as many years; her new album is quite emphatically titled, ‘Today Is Christmas,’ and it was preceded by last year’s ‘One Christmas: Chapter 1.’

And, so fittingly on two consecutive days she made live appearances on daytime television. First on ‘The View,’ she opened up about her holidays with her husband Eddie Cibrian, and his sons, Mason and Jake. One would not think that early Christmas decorating would be so controversial but yes, apparently it is.

Rimes revealed that she and her family start decorating at Halloween time and said that “people get really angry, about that” as she went on to explain that the thought is that one “cannot decorate before Thanksgiving.” She added, “But I like to extend the holiday. I’m very thankful for my Christmas tree and my decorations.”

Rimes and Cibrian have been married since 2011, and for a time the tabloid drama of their affair before their marriage and their divorces from dancer Dean Sheremet and “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ star Brandi GlanvilleBrandi Glanville, respectively, overshadowed any news of their careers. But as time has gone by, we find that Rimes can indeed speak about the blended family and its tradition.

She said of it, “The first year we actually spent together with the kids at Christmas, he went out to the mall and picked up this little ornament that’s four peas in a pod and put our names on it. It was the sweetest thing ever he brought home! Since then, we’ve been kind of doing that same thing, that tradition of getting an ornament to commemorate every year.”

She even ventured to open up about Christmas Day plans which would see the two boys spending part of the time with their mother. She said, “They’ll be with us. We get them, like, Christmas mid-day. So we’ll have Christmas morning all on our own which will be kind of nice.”

Next day on the ‘Today Show’ she performed the title track of the album, ‘Today Is Christmas’ and performed even more songs as her appearances were scattered through the program, including a brief interview in which she once again opened up about the holiday decorating.

But mainly this time around it was all about the music and as the live performances on the show reveal, she’s singing both traditional Christmas songs and adding some new ones to the mix. After all, an artist never knows. We’ve got the example of Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want for Christmas Is You’ which is one of the biggest hit songs of any kind in music history.

You can see all the videos below, as Leann Rimes sings Christmas songs and talk about her husband Eddie Cibrian and the holidays!