Kylie Jenner opened up about her her father, Caitlyn Jenner’s transition and what kind of relationship she now has with her. She explains why she likes her better than the former Bruce Jenner during her interview on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show,’ and also talks about having been bullied and what she is doing in the aftermath.

Kylie Jenner Caitlyn Jenner

Photo: Kylie Jenner, Caitlyn Jenner
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The 18-year-old ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ star spoke about the transition that her father, the Olympic great and recent recipient of the ESPYs Arthur Ashe Courage Award has made in becoming Caitlyn Jenner.

In her discussion with host Ellen DeGeneres, Kylie Jenner admitted the difficulty she had experienced in accepting the transition, saying, “I feel it was the only thing that I really bottled at, and I don’t bottle a lot of things, and I feel my family was a little upset about that.” She went on to say, “But I thought through it and now I like it a lot better. I like her better than Bruce.”

Yes, even if one has grown up in front of cameras, surely it must be awkward even to speak of such a momentous change, to have one’s parent come out as transgender, and, in this case, for one’s father to become a woman. Kylie Jenner, continued to open up and said of her father,”We talk about makeup and clothes. We bond a lot more, but not only that. I feel like there’s not a huge secret in the family.”

Elaborating, she said, “I feel like there was always this big secret. And I’ve honestly known about it for a really long time and we actually caught him then dressing up as a girl. When my sister and I were like 6 and 7 maybe. So we’ve known for a while that there was something, but it was never talked about.”

When asked if back then, her father ever talked about makeup with her, Kylie Jenner said, “Honestly, like I’d be with my girlfriends sometimes and he would come in and be like, ‘What are you guys talking about,’ and kind of joke around and I knew there was something. But now I feel like we hang out a lot more there’s no secrets.”

She continued, and added, “She’s really living her authentic true self. And I feel like that’s awesome and also I want to be someone from my generation to like be an example because I think that’s so awesome and I think that other girls and boys my age will maybe see that I’m so accepting and be accepting of other people too.”

Kylie Jenner also opened up about bullying during the interview, as she had broached the topic of self-acceptance and societal acceptance and talked about her new Instagram campaign, “I am More Than.”

She went on to say, “And I’ve been bullied my whole life whether it was about my peers or comments on Instagram or Twitter, whatever. And I never talked about my story really. I feel like I’ve kind of accepted it because I realized that just comes with the territory.”

She explained how she began finding others her age who have been bullied and, in her words, “have kind of overcome it and just done something amazing with it who inspire me.” She added, “So I kind of wanted them to just use my platform and post their stories on Instagram to hopefully inspire my followers too because they inspire me so much.”

Her words and the steps she took are an important reminder that celebrity and success, sadly, do not insulate from bullying, especially in the sometimes vicious social media world and she’s done a great service in being so candid about her experience and in offering hope and support to others.

You can see the full interview video below, as Kylie Jenner opens up about Caitlyn Jenner and more.