Rashida Jones and Jimmy Fallon took some of the biggest hit songs of the year from Taylor Swift, Drake, Rihanna and others straight into holiday territory with their annual parody which you can see right here! By now it’s a tradition. The holiday season hasn’t begun properly without these pop songs recast as Thanksgiving and Christmas classics!

Rashida Jones Jimmy Fallon

Photo: Rashida Jones, Jimmy Fallon
Credit: PR Photos

It began years ago when Jimmy Fallon was host of ‘Late Night’ and now that he’s moved into the iconic mantle of the ‘Tonight Show’ the parodies just keep coming. Once again with some help from Rashida Jones and The Roots, Billboard Hot 100 hits are refashioned, in high style, with new lyrics that, we must warn you, will stick with you!

Much like his ongoing “Evolution of Dancing” series and, of course, the long running ‘History of Rap series with Justin Timberlake, we’ve got these holiday parodies to look forward to.

This year we had Taylor Swift’s ‘Bad Blood’ and now it’s become an ode to overeating on Thanksgiving with such lines as “Cuz now the turkey is all done / The pumpkin pie was awesome Now it’s time to take naps, cuz Everybody is mad stuffed.” Yes, you’ll never hear ‘Bad Blood’ quite the same.

And also ripe for parody was Drake’s ‘Hotline Bling’ arguably already one of the most parodied songs of the year, most recently on Saturday Night Live which gave us the indelible image of Donald Trump dancing. Now this time around, the song got the holiday treatment and now ‘Butterball Hotline bling /Teach me how to cook this thing.”

As for Rihanna’s infamous BBHMM and its even more infamously violent music video, on Thanksgiving, it’s much less violent. This time around it’s as “B*tch better have my stuffing” although we shouldn’t underestimate the perils of a food fight!

Also following true to form, we had some cameo appearances in our mini-musical. This time it was Queen Latifah showing up just in time for an unforgettable rendition of Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars’ ‘Uptown Funk’ that name checked the Grinch!

No one could have predicted that it would be Eric Nally, one of the featured artists on the original of the song who would turn up as none other than Santa Claus. Yes, along with the lyrics, these images are going to be impossible to un-see!

And so it was, once again, holiday songs extracted from the Billboard Hot 100! You can see Rashida Jones and Jimmy Fallon serving up the parodies in the video below!