Mariah Carey opened up about her boyfriend, Australian billionaire James Packer. In her first television interview on her new relationship, the superstar diva shared details of how they met and more as she sported some impressive jewels.

Mariah Carey and James Packer

Photo: Mariah Carey and James Packer
Credit: PR Photos

Yes, what began with rumor was soon confirmed, and the couple recently made their red carpet debut (picture above). Now taking it one step further, on The Steve Harvey Show, Mariah Carey had much to say about life after marriage to and divorce from Nick Cannon and it’s clear she’s moved on in high style, quite literally, as her 48-year-old boyfriend is none other than Australian businessman and investor James Packer, whose net worth Forbes places at $4.7 billion.

In an interview on The Steve Harvey Show, Carey said of Packer, “We first met in Aspen. We were at the Hercules premiere. We were talking and laughing and people were getting mad at us and stuff like that. So we hit it off.”

As Harvey said that Packer was lucky, Carey was quick to say, “I’m lucky too!” with all the enthusiasm we might imagine when one finds a new man, and that new man just incidentally is also a billionaire.

Which brought the conversation to the amazing necklace she was wearing. She said of it, “Oh, this old thing?” She went on to call it “a very, very big surprise, very nice.”

She addressed other subjects as well, including what it’s been like to co-parent her four-year-old twins, Moroccan and Monroe with her former husband Nick Cannon. She opened up about the Halloween party that the former couple had thrown for their children. She said, “I thought it was important that they see their parents together occasionally.”

And this being holiday season one would imagine that that certain iconic song, ‘All I Want for Christmas Is You’ might figure into the conversation. And yes, quite true, and more.

She said of it, “I just remember writing the song in this little room with a little Casio keyboard and, just by myself, thinking about, ‘What are all the things I can think of that remind me of Christmas and the holidays?'”

She went on to say, “Of course I wanted it to work and to be a hit Christmas song, but I never knew how big it would be.”

An understatement indeed. It’s still the all-time best selling Christmas song of all time. And may remain so for quite some time unless, of course, Adele records a Christmas song!

While many artists will release anniversary editions of songs and albums, Carey has gone a step further and penned a children’s book by the same title.

See the full interview below, as Mariah Carey dishes on boyfriend James Packer and more!

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