Chris Martin opened up about Coldplay’s new album ‘A Head Full of Dreams,’ and musical collaborations with Beyonce, ex-wife Gwyneth Paltrow and others. He also revealed the backstory of the album and its concept.

Chris Martin

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It was just days ago that Coldplay made the sudden announcement of the new album, ‘A Head Full of Dreams.’ And while we’ve not been greeted suddenly in iTunes with the album’s arrival in full, the super-short promo leading up to the album has been more than enough to build up interest and enthusiasm. Admittedly, the album has a battle ahead of it, as Adele’s ’25’ may likely remain at the top of the charts worldwide, but nonetheless, the album will not disappear somewhere in the double digits of charts.

Chris Martin opened up about this album, in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, which he has previously hinted might be the band’s last in an interview last year with the BBC. And, if that were the case, they leave quite a legacy with more than a handful of iconic songs, perhaps most of all ‘Viva la Vida,’ one of this century’s biggest hits to date.

Martin began, saying, “With what’s going on in the world, I feel very grateful to be alive and in a band with my best friends,” this being an allusion to the Paris terror attacks, as the interview was conducted just days afterwards. Although, sadly, that’s a statement that’s apropos day in and day out.

The collaborations have drawn notice, not least, Beyonce — a first for the band, despite Martin and his former wife, Gwyneth Paltrow’s longtime friendship with the music powerhouse and her husband, Jay Z. And speaking of, yes, he even has a duet with Paltrow, ‘Everglow,’ on the album along with two of their children.

For the track titled “Hymn for the Weekend,” Martin teamed up with Beyonce, and yes, also young daughter Blue Ivy and said of it, “This album is about celebrating and this angel figure kept popping up and I was thinking, ‘Gosh, Beyoncé would be perfect, but she’d never do it.’ One day, we were talking and I was trying to drop the hint, but I didn’t want to be imprudent. And she said I’ll do it.”

He also spoke about the impetus of the album, saying, “About three or four years ago, when we [band mates Guy Berryman, Jonny Buckland, and Will Champion] decided to go down this road of making a really small, intimate album like Ghost Stories, the idea for A Head Full of Dreams came at the same time.”

Continuing, he elaborated, and said, “We thought: ‘After making this restrained, intimate album, we won’t tour. Maybe we’ll feel like playing with a bit more jubilation.’ It was really fun to make, which is not what we’ve felt before.”

And that’s not the only collaboration that’s drawing notice. In an interview with The Sun, Chris Martin also revealed that one of the tracks, samples President Barack Obama singing ‘Amazing Grace,’ at the funeral of Rev. Clementa C. Pinckney who was among the nine who were killed in a mass shooting at a Charleston, South Carolina church.

He said of it, “We have a tiny clip of the president singing ‘Amazing Grace’ at that church. Because of the historical significance of what he did and also the song being about, ‘I’m lost but now I’m found’.” The publication goes on to quote a source who claims the President ” loves Coldplay and is happy to be a part of their music history” and that the band had to secure permission from the White House as well as the church.

The original clip went viral, and for now the news of this unusual Presidential sampling has also gone viral. Every tidbit, after all, is generating yet more buzz. Adding to the anticipation, Coldplay debuted three of the songs from the album in a live Webcast on TIDAL; the title track, “Amazing Day,” and “Up&Up.”

Along with the album and its surprises, fans also can look forward to Coldplay’s world tour. The South American and European legs of the tour have been announced. According to Billboard, will kick off next March in Buenos Aires.

‘A Head full of Dreams’ album art is below!

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