Adele performed live on Saturday Night Live just a day after the release of her ’25’ album and the mesmerizing videos of ‘Hello’ and ‘When We Were young’ are going viral, along with SNL’s take on ‘Thanksgiving’ which sees her singing save the day in a most memorable way. You can see it all right here.


Photo: Adele
Credit: PR Photos

We might have thought that she was both host and musical guest, but in fact, we did have a host, one Matthew McConaughey, who, for some was a bit of a time filler until the artist extraordinate took to the stage. And yes, it was well worth the wait. And of course, the videos are here for us forever if we didn’t have the patience to sit through monologues and skits.

But thankfully we got our first listen, albeit a recorded one, in a SNL “Thanksgiving Miracle” skit. That wonderful song that reintroduced us to Adele, “Hello” became the titular miracle as a little girl discovers that playing the recording of the song brings an instant end to the generational clashes and heated political arguments. Yes, that video (which you can also see below) is going viral. It joins the ranks of so many ‘Hello’ viral videos.

Yes, let’s get to the main event, a live television performance! After all, comedy bits are all fine, but when Adele took to the stage to perform the song, it was spine tingling. It’s one of very few live performances thus far, but, with the singer back on the scene, it’s just the beginning. And she returned to perform the other single ‘When We Were Young,’ with its introspective, often bittersweet lyrics looking back upon the past.

It was Adele’s second time as musical guest on Saturday Night Live. It was quite a few years ago, when she was on the verge of music stardom that she made her debut on the famed stage, yes, all the way back in 2008 a few years before the phenomena that was the ’21’ album. Yes, it was so long ago that her performance that night, in support of her ’19’ album was upstaged by the Presidential election year cameos of Sarah Palin and Tina Fey.

But this time around, Adele alone is the star. Her album is already another pop cultural phenomena. After all the chatter about whether or not her 21 album of 2011 was in a category unto itself — it is, thus far the best selling album of the 21st century — but who knows, 25 just might outdo 21; it’s already going to destroy a long-held record – that of N’SYNC for the first week of sales. Industry forecasts already put it at more than 2.5 million copies.

See Adele’s live full performance on Saturday Night Live below!