Justin Bieber rocked the Today Show with an extensive live concert with two guest artists, Halsey and Big Sean, and it was a crowd-pleasure performance for a massive audience. Celebrating the release of the new album, ‘Purpose,’ Justin Bieber also spoke out about his past and about moving forward.

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Yes, as expected, fans camped out overnight and even longer for the chance to see the live concert at The Plaza in Rockefeller Center. It marked Justin Bieber’s second concert on Today Show in the past three months, and this one was gigantic even by Bieber standards. Prior to the performance, he Tweeted a picture of some of the camping fans, telling them in part, ” I love u #beliebers. See u soon.”

Justin Bieber performed an extensive set-list for the morning performance. No less than five songs, which is unusual for the Today concert series. He performed some of the songs from ‘Purpose’ for the first time live, including his collaboration with Grammy-winning rapper Big Sean, on ‘No Pressure.’

Along with up-and-coming singer-songwriter Halsey, he delivered a stunning duet performance on ‘The Feeling’ as the two performers seductively stalked each other on the stage and drew close at points.

He also performed an acoustic version of ‘Love Yourself,’ which is the song he co-wrote with British music superstar Ed Sheeran.

And yes, he was also interviewed on stage, as Matt Lauer explained to the audience and viewers alike Justin Bieber’s much-anticipated interview on the show earlier in the week had to be postponed for live coverage of the Paris attacks which had taken place on November 13th coincidentally the same day that ‘Purpose’ was released.

Justin Bieber opened up about the death of Universal Music Group executive Tomas Ayad in the attacks, and said of him, “It was really hard for me. We’d been working together for probably about four or five years.” Reflecting on the shocking attacks as a whole, he said, “It’s a sad thing, man. Heart and prayers go out to their families.”

Matt Lauer asked him to open up about the new album, ‘Purpose’ which he noted had already reached No. 1 in 99 countries. Justin Bieber said, “I think it just reflects where I am right now.” He went on to say, “It’s been a long journey but I think I’m in the best place I’ve ever been.”

Questioned on his past bad behavior and whether he “outgrew” it or make a conscious decision to stop, Justin Bieber said, “I think a lot of people go through those struggles but they’re not in the public eye.” He continued, adding, “I grew up in the spotlight. It was tough for me. But, we’re on the other side. And I think that I’m 21, and I got a lot of great people surrounding me.”

He also expressed his gratitude for the fans, who cheered and screamed as if on cue, and said, “The love is undeniable.”

Below, you can see pictures along with the full video of Justin Bieber’s live concert on Today Show with Halsey and Big Sean!

Photos: Justin Bieber
Credit: PR Photos

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