One Direction graces the cover of Fabulous Magazine and say “it’s not over” in a new interview, which is already drawing notice worldwide as the fans look for clues of a possible 1D future. All four band members reflect upon their years of global fame, and insist they will return.

One Direction

Photo: One Direction
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Life without 1D? And for how long? It’s been years now that they have been world’s preeminent boy band, having risen to fame on The X Factor UK as third place finishers and becoming nothing less than iconic.

Now that the final concert of their tour is one for the history books, it leaves fans wondering if the hiatus really is just that or are the band members going to travel their four separate ways into solo music career stardom. After all, it’s been months now that Zayn Malik has taken off.

It is an unusual circumstance for a band to wrap a tour, release and album — the hotly anticipated Made In The A.M — and then set the proverbial sails. We of then think of bands that have broken up with drama, tension, scandal and the like.

But such civility here! In a new interview with The Sun UK’s Fabulous Magazine all four remaining band members — Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, and Louis Tomlinson — we find an emphatic chorus of reassurance.

Liam Payne reflected upon the band’s five-year history and told the publication, “I like that quote about teabags and hot water. You can only test how strong you are when you get put in hot water. We’ve been tested, but it’s actually made us stronger. We’ve actually taken a lot of strength from our fans who have never given up on us, never believed it was over.”

He went on to say, “It’s not over. And yes, we’re taking a break, but we need one. We have done four tours, five albums, but we will be coming back. We don’t want this to end.”

Louis Tomlinson opened up about how Zayn Malik had affected the band, saying, “The really tough moment for me was when Zayn left…That was really, really hard. We knew it was coming, we saw a lot of signs in a lot of the gigs abroad. It was sad.”

For his part, Harry Styles picked up the narrative and said, ““One thing that was good is that it made us really bond.” He continued, and elaborated, saying, “It made us look at what we had and really know we wanted to keep it. It also made us really focus on making the best album we could. You go through so much together as a band that no one really understands, but ultimately it just makes you closer.”

You can see the full interview here. The candor and the obvious signs of camaraderie are giving fans much hope, as their words, of course, are dissected and re-dissected and held up, as the sign that all is not lost!

One Direction’s most recent music video from their album is ‘Perfect’ which for fans, is both the song title and the summary word for the band! You can see it below.

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