Meghan Trainor performed her song ‘Better When I’m Dancing’ from ‘The Peanuts Movie’ soundtrack, and opened up about how she wrote the song, talked about her musical idol and her future plans. It was a lively appearance on the ‘Today Show’ and she even brought her father along.

Meghan Trainor

Photo: Meghan Trainor
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Yes, make no mistake about it, the 21-year-old ‘All About that Bass’ is back on the scene, having recovered from vocal chord surgery earlier this year. And what a return. With a song for The Peanuts Movie soundtrack — it’s a perfect storm of family-friendly buzz. No tabloid drama here!

As part of making the promo rounds for the bouncy uplifting song ‘Better When I’m Dancing,’ she and her backup singers, a sizable group of children and yes, even her own father, Gary Trainor, took over the Today Show’s famed Studio 1A. He donned a Charlie Brown hat; he was also her date at the movie premiere (photos below).

Meghan Trainor gave a spirited live performance of ‘Better When I’m Dancing’ which, yes, is as infectious and lively as its title.

Later, in her interview with the Today Show co-anchors Willie Geist, Tamron Hall and Natalie Morales, Megan Trainor spoke about the song and how it all came about. She said of it, I wrote it in a short amount of time on my ukulele on my tour bus.”

Asked about the process of writing the song for the movie, she said, “It was unreal.” She went on to say she had a chance to visit both of the studios where the movie was being shot and she met “every person who worked on this movie.”

She also talked about her upcoming performance at the American Music Awards — she’s been nominated for three awards — and she spoke about the host, Jennifer Lopez whom she said had been a musical inspiration, and when asked, confirmed that Jennifer Lopez in ‘Selena’ in particular had been inspiring for her.

Yes, Meghan Trainor has come a long way in a short time, with five songs charting on the Billboard Hot 100 just this year, and of course, her ‘All About that Bass’ has found its way into our pop culture landscape as a permanent fixture. Asked about her future plans, she also said, “I’d love to act one day,” and went on to say she wants to take acting lessons. Yes, it seems we’re witnessing the beginning of a huge multi-hyphenate career!

You can see the replay video below along with photos of Meghan Trainor on the red carpet at the Peanuts Movie premiere.

Photos: Meghan Trainor
Credit: PR Photos

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