Greyson Chance has premiered a new single, ‘Afterlife’ that’s getting a lot of buzz. First discovered at age 12 when a YouTube video of his cover of Lady Gaga’s ‘Paparazzi’ went viral, he’s back with new music.

Greyson Chance

Photo: Greyson Chance
Credit: PR Photos

Yes, a few years have gone by and now the pre-adolescent singer is 18 years old. He made an indelible impression upon us as that precocious 12-year-old as we collectively saw and heard the immense talent of the singer and pianist performing at a sixth-grade music festival at his school.

And, as we all know, a local moment in time can quickly become a global sensation as millions start watching and video views begin to climb into the millions and tens of millions It’s a familiar template, this social media fairy tale that has come true for quite a few artists. And Greyson Chance is among them. He went from unknown grade school student up until the spring of 2010 which the video went viral, and Ellen DeGeneres got wind of him and had him perform on her show. Not long afterwards he signed a record deal with DeGeneres, the first to sign with her new Eleveneleven label. His debut album, Hold On ’til the Night, was released in 2011 to mixed to favorable reviews.

Fast forward, and he has premiered ”Afterlife’ and the frenzy has begun anew. He told Billboard, who gave the single its world premiere that the song “represents a personal story and occurrence that took place in my life.” He went on to elaborated, and added, “When you’re close to someone, and they try to make that jump towards the unknown, it affects you. I wanted to take that message along with a song that had a beat and a purpose.”

In an interview with SheKnows, he was asked about what he felt was his biggest challenge, and he said, “I think the largest challenge I’ve had in my career is to prove that I am not a gimmick and that I am an actual musician. At the end of the day, I started on the piano and will always be most comfortable there.”

For fans there’s great news. More music is on the way; Greyson Chance’s next EP, “Somewhere Over My Head” is due out early next year. And in the meantime, you can hear the full audio of ‘Afterlife’ below!