Adele graces the cover of i-D Magazine, and in her first print interview in three years, she speaks out about her new album ’25’ and her musical evolution in the years since her critically acclaimed and worldwide chart topping album, ’21.’


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Yes, with her new single, ‘Hello,’ and her new album, ’25,’ the 27-year-old British music superstar is back in a huge way. The reception has been nothing less than a phenomena in and of itself. That single, ‘Hello’ and its music video, directed by Canadian director, Xavier Dolan, and making history as the first music video ever partially shot in IMAX. And, not surprisingly, it set a VEVO record — 27.7 million views in 24 hours — more than enough to obliterate Taylor Swift’s 20 million views for ‘Bad Blood.’

And not to mention all the memes and the mashups, most especially that Lionel Ritche hello mashup. And then, too, there was the flipping out over the flip phone.

Adele spoke out in her characteristically candid and frequently profane manner and i-D Magazine dutifully retained her spicy language (which we here will “dash out” as needed!).

She opened up about the impact of her grandfather’s death, saying, “”I loved him so much, more than the world.” She went on to say, “My grampy and my nana had always been my ideal relationship – ideal friendship, companionship, everything. Even though I’m sure there’s loads of sh-t I don’t know about, as their granddaughter it was bliss, just heaven. I was so, so sad.”

She also revealed that his death had led to her early ambition to become a heart surgeon. She said, “I wanted to fix people’s hearts. She went on to say that despite beginning to study biology in school she got sidetracked. Or as she put it, “fun – and boys. I gave up on it. My heart wasn’t in it anymore.”

Well, perhaps somewhere in a parallel universe there’s a renown Dr. Adele Adkins, but, not in our universe!

She spoke about her songwriting, which of course, has kept us spellbound in the past — and in longing anticipation for new music. She described her longtime ritual, saying, “I do it every album: I buy a new pad, sniff it – ’cause smell is important – and then I get a big, fat sharpie and write my age on the front page.”

She went on to say, “25 has five exclamation marks after it ’cause I was like, ‘How the f— did that happen?!’ 21 to 25.”

Yes, for the eagerly waiting public, it has been such a long time!

Adele also spoke about how motherhood has impacted her work as a creative artist. She’s the mother of a young son, Angelo James Konecki, now three years old, with longtime partner Simon Konecki.

She said, “Becoming a parent and moving past my mid-twenties, I simply don’t have the capacity to worry about as many things that I used to really enjoy worrying about.”

Elaborating, she said, “Oh yeah, I used to f—— love the drama of all of it, but now I’m a mum I only have so much head space. I’ve got to clear a lot of stuff the f— out, which is really therapeutic, ’cause I can really hold a grudge. Life is so much easier when you don’t hoard your past.”

As for the song ‘Hello’ that has seen record-setting sales in dozens of countries around the world, she said that it was not about the same man who inspired ‘Someone Like You’ from her ’21’ album. She said, “That’s over and done with, thank f—. That’s been over and done with for f—— years.”

She went on to say, “No, it’s not about anyone specifically. It’s about friends, ex-boyfriends, it’s about myself, it’s about my family. It’s also about my fans as well. I feel like everyone thinks I’m so far away and I’m not. Everyone thinks I live in f—— America, I don’t.”

She also revealed she’s got some newfound acting ambitions after having worked with on the ‘Hello’ video. Many have noted that her acting, especially a crying scene, is absolutely heart wrenching. She said of him, “”He said I was quite good. I had to cry and everything. You know what, I feel like a bit of a c— after saying for all these years I’d never act, because I really enjoyed it.”

There’s much, much more to the interview, along with many photos and you can see it in its entirety here. Adele also opens up about Taylor Swift, Amy Winehouse and more.

The i-D cover image is below along with the video that’s continuing to take over the world, even as Adele sweeps us all into her world. You can contribute to the record-setting page views and watch the ‘Hello’ music video below!

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