Justin Bieber opened up about his new album, ‘Purpose’ and his new music. He also reflected upon his past mistakes and said he is “done apologizing” in a wide-ranging and candid radio interview which you can see right here.

Justin Bieber

Photo: Justin Bieber
Credit: PR Photos

The 21-year-old pop music superstar opened up on The Radio 1 Breakfast Show with Nick Grimshaw, as he was sipping a beer. While the early-morning beverage choice might raise eyebrows, all the more so did Justin Bieber’s candor.

Yes, the apology tour, such as it was, is over, and we’re in the thicket of the comeback narrative right now. The radio interview was just a couple of days after his big victory at the MTV Europe Music Awards which saw him win a total of six EMAs, which, of itself would be impressive enough. But he also made music history as the artist to win the most EMAs ever — a career total of 18 — and thus topping Eminem’s career total of 12.

Quite a contrast of the not-so distant past of legal woes, of bad behavior captured on video and in photos for all to see. Justin Bieber said, “”It’s hard in the industry, and there’s people looking at you all the time and you feel like they’re judging you. Is that really going to affect the way you live? It will if you let it. If I see something in the tabloids, I’m like, you know what it sucks that they gotta say that, but you know what I’m going to still drink my beer and hang.”

He continued, saying, “I’m able to just handle all this stuff over the past couple of months because I’m more understanding of what it entails to be in my position. You go through trial and error and moments of messing up and it’s just normal. Every human should do that.”

He went on to add, “The fact that people weren’t open to me making mistakes was really hypocritical because we all know you were 19, 20 and making mistakes. Of course I have access to a lot more stuff and I’m under a microscope; I’ve got cameras on me all the time so I understand. But I’m done apologizing.”

Turning now to his music, Justin Bieber said, “I’ve done a song called ‘Sorry.’ Basically, what it is, is just like it’s kinda the stamp, the end-all of the apologies that I’m giving to people, to the media. There needs to come a time where they’re just like, ‘We get it.’ And I think putting out a song saying I’m sorry puts the finishing icing on the cake. I’m just ready to move on.”

He spoke of the new album, saying of the title, “I named the album ‘Purpose,’ and the reason I named it Purpose was because for a while there I feel like I lost my purpose, and I feel like I found my purpose again.”

He drew parallels to his career and that of the other famous Justin who began as a child star and said, “Look at Justin Timberlake, he was in N Sync and of course they had an amazing sound but it was young. It was for teenagers. I feel like he transitioned when he started making “Sexy Back” and stuff.” It takes time as an artist for you to develop your style and develop what you like and what you don’t like.”

It’s not surprising the interview is getting a lot of buzz. Justin Bieber, with beer and all, speaks now from the other side of such troubles as a well-crafted future in music seems to look just ahead in the days leading up to the release of ‘Purpose.’ The new album is his first since ‘Believe’ of 2012, and the old days of ‘Believe’ and the world tour that eventually was overshadowed by what went on when he was not on stage.

You can see Just Bieber’s full interview below along with the music video of his new single, “Sorry.”