Food Network star Gina Neely opened up about her weight loss success and spoke about the diet and fitness plan she follows that has led to her weight loss. The former co-host of ‘Down Home with the Neelys’ also opened up about her divorce Pat Neely, her former husband and co-host.

Gina Neely

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Yes, it was one of those shocking celebrity splits. After all the couple not only had been married for nearly twenty years, but collectively they were a brand and a culinary empire with television shows and bestselling books, including ‘”Down Home with the Neely’s: A Southern Family Cookbook” and “The Neelys” Celebration Cookbook.”

It was about that same time that 50-year-old Gina Neely lost weight. The photo you see above is from more than five years ago and contrasted with recent photos (below) it’s quite a transformation. Naturally this led to speculation that it was divorce related. In an interview with the Indianapolis Star she cleared up that rumor.

She said, “I actually started this journey at 45. I said I was not going to take my weight into 50. My 50th birthday was June 10. I had already been in this lifestyle, but what really triggered it for me was that I just wanted to feel better, have more energy, and, actually, when I started going through all of these emotional endurances, working out was so good to sort of redirect that energy.”

She also revealed how much weight she had lost. She said, “Everybody thought I lost 100 pounds. I lost 34 pounds, not 100, just 34. The TV adds weight.”

She went on to speak about her workout routine, and noting that it includes the likes of Zumba and CrossFit, she said, “I’m a person that likes to see quick results, so I’d work out with a trainer to make sure I was handling the equipment properly.” She went on to say, “I would get the best of my workout. I was working out like core-muscle movements…Some days, we’d go out and run. Some days, I would just walk across a bridge near my house, and some days I would take like a pole dancing class.”

And as always, when a celebrity loses weight — and all the more so when a celebrity chef loses weight we all want to know about the diet. Especially considering the Southern cuisine that she has always embraced and celebrated for many years; tasty yes, but a fat- and suger-laden dieting disaster if one is not careful!

She spoke of her diet and said, “Once I started removing pork and beef from my diet – I do chicken, fish and turkey, more fish than anything because fish to me is lighter, it feels good, and you get those omega-3s, it’s good for the heart and you don’t feel so weighed down after you eat fish.”

Noting that she keeps a can of tuna with her in her purse to eat as a snack, Neely went on to add, “It’s really just a matter of being prepared, staying consistent and being diligent about your cause, and just finding your center and embracing that and realizing you’re not perfect.”

You can see the full interview here and more photos of Gina Neely and her weight loss success below!

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