Lea Michele opens up about her vegan diet and her fitness and workout secrets. For those who have about wondered just keeps the former ‘Glee’ star so slim, well, there’s no need to wonder any more, as she details some real-life actionable tips.

 Lea Michele

Photo: Lea Michele
Credit: PR Photos

The 29-year-old actress has been in the news for many reasons in the last couple of years, as one chapter of her life came to an end, and new ones have begun. These days the musical that launched her career, ‘Glee’ seems so long ago. Now ‘Scream Queens’ is all the rage and she is among the stars of the new series from ‘Glee’ creator Ryan Murphy. And through it all, Lea Michele, continues to prevail and maintain a slim physique while doing so!

She’s profiled in ‘Women’s Health’ and graces the cover (which you can see below) and speaks out about the daily habits and practices that are leading to her continued success. And that’s the operative phrase here; she’s not rigorous. There are no grueling workout routines with a celebrity trainer. She’s got a three-prong approach which is achievable for anyone who’s motivated. Hiking, yoga and Pilates.

Lea Michele says of her approach, “I just live a very active life, and no matter what, if can just go for a nice hike or if I can have a little glass of wine and eat good food, that’s always my best medicine.”

She goes on to explain, “I’m really close with Becca [Tobin], who was on Glee with me, and we go hiking all the time.” She goes on to say, ““I hike on trails about four times a week; I love being outside.”

As for her diet plan the publication describes it as vegan at home and vegetarian on the road. For many years, she’s been among the forefront of celebrities who have embraced veganism and vegetarianism.

Lea Michele herself says of her diet in the interview, “I love eating, but I eat what fuels me.” She went on to add, “And if it’s not gonna fuel me, then it’ll fuel my soul—like pizza.”

As one can see from any photos of the actress, she’s obviously got a lock on what works for her, and for her, the flexibility and relaxed attitude has led to success!

You can see the more of the interview here and here. Check out the cover photo and behind-the-scenes video below!