Carrie Underwood celebrated her new album ‘Storyteller’ with a live concert performance on Today Show and you can see the photos and the video of the country music superstar dazzling the fans and find out what she has to say about being a first-time mother.

Carrie Underwood

Photo: Carrie Underwood
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The 32-year-old American Idol champ turned multi-Grammy winner has a new album, ‘Storyteller,’ and for fans it’s long awaited. Except for the compilation album of her biggest hits of the past ten years all fans have had is 2012’s ‘Blown Away’ and the three other albums that preceded it.

Taking to the stage at The Plaza in Rockefeller Center for the Today Show’s Citi Concert Series, Carrie Underwood performed a four-song mini-concert with her eight-piece band for thousands of fans. She began by serenading fans with one of her biggest hits, ‘Before He Cheats,’ and she in turn invited them to serenade her. After all, what fan doesn’t know those blistering lyrics by heart?!

She also performed her new single, ‘Smoke Break’ from the ‘Storyteller’ album and delivered the television debut performance of another track, ‘Choctaw County Affair’ and closed out the concert with another favorite hit from a few years ago, ‘Blown Away.’

Sandwiched between that opening song and those that followed, Carrie Underwood gave a brief interview and was asked about her life now as a first-time mother. Her son, Isaiah, with husband NHL player Mike Fischer is seven months old. She said, he’s “growing fast.” She went on to note that he’s “about to be into everything” and “fully 100 percent mobile.” She has been taking him with her on tour and said he has been a “pretty good traveler.”

Later on she spoke with Hota Kotb about baby names, and, yes, there’s a movie tie-in. Carrie Underwood revealed the names that she and husband Mike Fischer were considering and how they decided on Isaiah. She said were facing a “a toss up between Isaiah and Caleb.” She went on to say, “That was when ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ was coming out, like right around that time, and I’m like, ‘Christian’s off the list, babe.'”

Yes, that’s quite a movie tie-in (pun intended). A few years from now she may have some explaining to do when Isaiah finds out what she said. And of course, he might have quite a few playmates whose mothers did pick that name Christian!

You can see pictures along with the full video of Carrie Underwood’s Today Show concert and interview below!

Photos: Carrie Underwood
Credit: PR Photos

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‘Before He Cheats’

Interview + ‘Smoke Break’

‘Choctaw Country Affair’

‘Blown Away’