5 Seconds of Summer’s new album is “Sounds Good Feels Good.” The Australian pop-punk band is back with a sophomore release less than two years after their chart-topping self-titled debut. Now the music critics are weighing in on 5SOS’ latest effort and here’s a roundup of reviews.

5 Seconds of Summer

Photo: 5 Seconds of Summer
Credit: PR Photos

The band from Sydney, Australia, also known as 5SOS, is a quartet comprised of Luke Hemmings, Michael Clifford, Calum Hood, Ashton Irwin. They saw a rapid rise to fame which began when their YouTube covers went viral, and, as is sometimes the case these days, this led to a record deal in 2013 with Capitol Records. From there, they became the proverbial unstoppable phenomenon with the release of their debut single ‘She Looks so Perfect.’ #5SOS and related hashtags essentially became a permanent trend in social media, oxymoronic as that may sound.

They also gained quite a foothold on the charts, with their self-titled debut album debuting at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 and topping charts in numerous countries around the world. Not to mention going on a world tour with One Direction, with whom they share management, this would all seem to pigeon hole them into the teen pop sensation/boy band realm.

Now this time around, the band aims to exert a wider musical territory and leaning more heavily on the punk than the pop. You can see that with their stellar list of collaborators who include members of such bands as All Time Low, Good Charlotte, and Evanescence. Yes, definitely not boy bands, these. So this time around, it remains to be seen, not just if critics respond to the musical maturity but what about the fans? Have they doubled their fanbase? Yes, so many questions about a band that less than two years ago was quite unknown.

As for the critics, here’s a roundup of what they’ve had to say.

“…. Australia’s 5 Seconds of Summer come into their own on “Sounds Good Feels Good” (Hi or Hey / Capitol), mixing the emo bits of Blink-182, the pop-punk of Green Day and all sorts of contemporary rock for a well-crafted good time……– Newsday

“…While 5SOS might’ve intrigued us with their 2014 pop-heavy debut, Sounds Good Feels Good succeeds in lassoing in the band’s less-1D/more-Blink 182 fan base…..” Idolator

“…There are signs of maturity, however, inspired by the pristine punk of Fall Out Boy and Good Charlotte (Joel and Benji Madden certainly make their co-writing presence known), while Jet Black Heart and Waste the Night (which features a spindly riff that edges close to the Cure’s Friday I’m in Love) are masterfully moody……” — The Guardian

“…. Final thoughts: the album is f***ing incredible. Sorry for swearing, but it is what it is. Go buy it and love it like a musical child that most certainly was not produced in your womb. Promise you it’s worth it. …..” — Sugar Scape

“….Within the first four songs, 5SOS shout out underachievers, college dropouts and kids battling low self-esteem. They do so with winning sincerity, but even that can’t quite make up for the record’s derivative sound….” — NME

“….5SOS have certainly given fans more to sink their teeth into with their second album, so much so it feels a bit too much at times. Saying that, we’re glad they’re experimenting with new sounds and not sticking to the tried and tested formula of their debut….” — Digital Spy

Now it remains to be seen how many charts 5SOS tops this time around, as fans clamor to buy this latest release just a mere 16 months after the last one. But as we know, for super fans and even more “moderate” fans even 16 weeks can be a long time! More music, faster is always the demand and we’ll soon see if 5 Seconds of Summer’s ‘Sounds Good Feels Good’ album has delivered!