Kevin Costner spoke out about his new book, ‘The Explorers Guild,’ in a live television interview. The two-time Oscar winner opened up about his collaboration with co-author Jon Baird and both discussed how the book came to fruition over the course of eight years.

Kevin Costner

Photo: Kevin Costner
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The 60-year-old legendary actor, screenwriter and director who first rose to fame in such iconic movies of the 1980s and 1990s as ‘The Big Chill,’ ‘The Untouchables, ‘Field of Dreams,’ ‘The Body Guard’ — as as well as his own ‘Dances with Wolves’ which saw him as both star and director — has added another hyphen to an already multi-hyphenate career, author.

The new book, which he co-wrote with author Jon Baird (‘Songs from Nowhere Near the Heart’) is ‘The Explorers Guild: Volume One: A Passage to Shambhala.’ Published by Atria Books, it weighs in at nearly 800 pages and features illustrations by artist Rick Ross (‘Agitainment Comics’). The book has received favorable views and is generating much buzz in social media where one can easily find quite a bounty with the hashtag #ExplorersGuild.

In a live interview on Fox & Friends on Fox News, alongside his co-author, Kevin Costner spoke of why he chose to bring the adventure story to life as a book rather than a movie after the co-hosts had introduced it as an epic adventure story that evokes the writings of Jules Verne and Rudyard Kipling.

Costner said, “The books you’re taking about were written last century.” He went on to say, “There was something about those books; they were big, they were think and you have to blow the dust off of them. We definitely wanted the book to take its place.”

Baird noted that eight or nine years ago, he had an idea about a secret society and that when he approached Costner he was receptive to the idea. They went on to discuss how they began the project as animation and that, as Costner put it, they “messed with it” for four years. He noted that Baird had the idea to do the story as a book.

Asked about the book as a multi-part series, Costner said, “That was a little arrogant on our part. We’re leading with our chin.” He went on to say, “This was a really interesting collaboration. It’s an interesting team of us and how we came up with it.”

You can see the video of the full interview on ‘The Explorers Guild’ with Kevin Costner and co-author Jon Baird below!