Wendy Williams opened up about her 50-pound weight loss and the vegan diet she follows that has led to her success in a new video which you can see here. She also shared her fitness and workout tips and how she stays motivated to continue.

Wendy Williams

Photo: Wendy Williams
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The 51-year-old entertainment mogul and host of her eponymous daytime TV talk show has, in recent years, been candid in sharing her weight loss struggles. She’s also revealed her exact weight in some instances; revealing last summer that she weighed 165 pounds. Most recently, the statuesque Wendy Williams, who is five-foot-11 tall, said that she was down to 145 pounds.

In an “after show” video (which you can see below) she spoke about her weight loss success and offered advice in response to a question from a viewer who said she was struggling to lose weight.

She spoke about her fitness routine first off, noting that her own son had asked her why she continued to spend her money and her time on going to the gym since she was already “skinny.”

She said, “I go to the gym because it’s not about me losing weight at this point; it’s about me trying to fight heart disease. Everybody needs to race their heart, at least once a week. So I go.”

She continued, and explained what she does at the gym. She said, “A lot of cardio. That’s mostly what I do and I also like Pilates.”

Wendy Williams then spoke about her diet. She said, “I’ve cut meat from my diet. I can’t say that has made me lose weight.” She went on to note, “I’ve lost 50 pounds in three years which I find to be amazing.” She also said she had “stopped eating so much” and had “cut back on sauces.”

Continuing, she began to detail her daily diet, saying, “No refined sugars. Dairy is out. I do miss eggs though.” She said that along with cutting out items she had added in some healthy replacements. She said that she was juicing with kale; “You got tired of kale and you throw apples in with the kale.

She also said, “I don’t love food as much as I used to,” adding, “I generally don’t eat after dark.”

She said she had substituted kale chips for potato chips, and coconut water for soda. She also said she drank a lot of water and ate a lot of tomatoes, green peppers and onions.

Summing up, Wendy Williams said, “Slow and steady is the name of the game…It’s not going to happen over night.” She went on to acknowledge her own history of plastic surgery, of the liposuction and tummy tuck she’s spoken of in previous interviews while reiterating that this time around, it was from her own efforts, without any surgical assistance.

You can see the video below; at the 9:30 mark Wendy Williams opens up about her 50-pound weight loss success.

Photos: Wendy Williams
Credit: PR Photos

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