Ali Larter opens up about her 50-pound post-baby weight loss and shares details of her daily diet and her fitness and workout routine. The former ‘Heroes’ star is also quite candid on her reason for shedding the weight so quickly.

 Ali Larter

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The 39-year-old actress has been a hit on the red carpet with her dramatic weight loss since giving birth in January to her daughter, Vivienne Margaret, her second child. In And a blog post on her popular diet and lifestyle site, she speaks out not just on losing the 50 pounds, but why she did so and why so quickly.

She said, “The way that my body looks is an essential part of my job. What goes up while pregnant, must come down to believably play a woman struggling to survive in the desert of a zombie-infested, post-apocalyptic world where there just plain isn’t food!”

She’s referring to her new movie, “Resident Evil: The Final Chapter,” which sees her portraying Claire Redfield once again and she illustrates her post with a picture of herself in that character (which you can see below) and yes, make no mistake she does not look like a woman who’s spending her days at the all-you-can-eat buffet.

Her slim physique begs the questions, of course. How in the world did she lose the weight so quickly? She confesses that she loves to eat and goes on to say she has to make time for exercise. She says that after her 12-hour work days she returns home to put her children to bed “and only then pay penance for the enormous cheeseburger I ate at lunch by spending 30 minutes in the gym.”

She continues, saying, “It’s not my favorite thing at times, but it’s how I’ve chosen to manage my ever-intensifying addiction to eating things, and fortunately I’ve found the balance. Those moments when I push myself to sweat remind me that this is (a part of) my job and that I love it enough to put in the extra hours. I also believe that sweat keeps ones skin looking it’s best.”

She goes on and adds, “Whenever I find myself struggling to motivate (which is not infrequent) I stop thinking about it and start doing it. Usually, if I can just start, I can make it to 40 minutes, and I’ve never once regretted working out. How many things can you say that about?”

So true. It brings to mind the famous Mark Twain quote, “The secret to getting ahead is getting started.”

She goes on to detail the rigorous — and it is rigorous! — fitness routine she had under the guidance of a trainer who she says “helped me with my 50lb loss.” She said she began by doing Pilates and that later she added “hot yoga and treadmill workouts to help me shred those last 20 vanity pounds.”

As for her diet plan, she says, “I try to cut down on all grains, even whole/alternative ones except for breakfast or a small amount at lunch and, while I don’t cut dairy, I do cut down on cheese. Oh, and obviously, no processed anything,”

You can see the full blog post here and get the details of her workouts as well as her meal plans. Yes, this is a real routine that a person could follow and she has generously shared it with the public. Check out Ali Larter’s post-baby body photos below!

A photo posted by Ali Larter (@therealalil) on

A photo posted by Ali Larter (@therealalil) on