Amy Schumer was in tears and crying as she opened up about her struggle with body issues in a television interview which you can see below. The ‘Trainwreck’ star who’s long been outspoken on feminism and sexism spoke with candor on how impossible standards have impacted her during her career.

Amy Schumer

Photo: Amy Schumer
Credit: PR Photos

The 34-year-old ‘Trainwreck’ star has gone rapidly in recent months from up-and-coming and on the verge of stardom to one of Hollywood’s most sought after and, also most willing to speak her mind. And that she did in an interview with Maria Shriver on ‘Today Show.’ She’s given many a print interview, yes, but this was a rare moment of on-camera emotion from the comedian.

Although she has a new HBO TV show, “Amy Schumer: Live at the Apollo,” her interview was bring publicity to a worthwhile cause; her partnership with Goodwill of Southern California to “educate, inspire and transform women through fashion.”

Amy Schumer said, “It’s been a struggle for me my whole life, especially just being in the entertainment industry, standing on a stage in front of people. I can’t perform my best or be confident if I’m not sure, if I’m pulling in something.”

She went on to say, “Sometimes I would want to throw in the towel and be like, ‘I’m not going to do stand-up tonight.'”

And yes, it’s that fearless stand-up that first brought her to critical acclaim, and from there, an Emmy-winning Comedy Central show, ‘Inside Amy Schumer.’ And for those who still did not know who she was, there was, of course, her movie, ‘Trainwreck.’

She spoke about how her stylist, Leesa Evans, on that very movie had enabled her to gain confidence in herself and as she reminisced upon the life-changing experience, this brought the comedian to tears.

She said, “My sister and I, we both have always dressed badly. Leesa had given me this gift of showing me how to dress and feel good. She didn’t have to do this, but she just did. She shopped for my sister also. And seeing my little sister wearing a little blazer and a shirt and looking just like a strong, beautiful woman, I realized that holding myself back was also holding her back.”

And for Amy Schumer, an impetus to become involved in the philanthropic effort. She said, “And I just wanted to give it to every woman.”

It was a poignant moment. Sometimes that’s what it takes to strip away the “isms” and the political correctness and to just acknowledge the pain that infuses comedy. It was quite a contrast to months ago in her now famous acceptance acceptance speech for Glamour Women of the Year’s Trailblazer award. She brought comedy and pathos with in language unprintable in family friendly media to say, stop judging women on their looks, their weight and the shape of their bodies.

Yes, all these decades after Betty Friedan’s ‘The Feminine Mystique’ that helped launched the contemporary feminism, this is still a message that needs to be heard. You can see Amy Schumer talk about body image and her desire to help other women in the video below.