Neon Indian’s new album is “VEGA INTL. Night School.” With a brilliant debut album ‘Psychic Chasms’ followed by a sophomore release, ‘Era Extrana,’ that was also heralded, the new album is greeted with much anticipation. What do critics say this time around? Here’s a roundup of reviews.

Alan Palomo

Photo: Alan Palomo of Neon Indian
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Neon Indian was founded by Alan Palomo and they were quite the sensation in the Chillwave and beyond with their debut album, ‘Psychic Chasms’ of 2009 with music that drew unbridled acclaim from the likes of Rolling Stone, SPIN and Pitchfork. This was followed by a sophomore release, ‘Era Extrana’ of 2011 that got even more praise from critics than their debut.

And now, once again, Neon Indian is back with ‘VEGA INTL. Night School,’ four years later. That’s an eternity in some music circles. Neon Indian even made an appearance on the ‘Tonight Show’ five years after their initial U.S. television debut on ‘Late Night’ when Jimmy Fallon was host in 2010.

Who knows what may happen this time around. Mainstream recognition is not unheard of, after all, it happened to Daft Punk two years ago, when the French duo went from international club music sensations to the haunts of mainstream pop music as ‘Get Lucky’ became a crossover worldwide and the album itself, ‘Random Access Memories’ won five Grammys.

But regardless of notoriety beyond the usual circles, the album has sparked huge interest within electronic music scene and now the critics are weighing in. Here’s a roundup.

“….Palomo might have seemed like someone stumbling onto a recipe with Psychic Chasms, but now it’s clear that this is Palomo‚Äôs foundational music, his blues or funk…..– Pitchfork

“….Neon Indian fans are in for a shock when they plow through the eagerly anticipated new album searching in vain for a vestige of what they once knew as Neon Indian, only to realize that this musical desert has substituted gimmicky beats and sound effects for the recognizable chilled electro from which Neon Indian grew popular from……” Glide Magazine

“….Palomo has managed to group everything that catches his eye under one disco ball-laden roof, but Night School rarely feels overstuffed. It stays playful and casual, and its stakes often feel low as a result…..” — Consequence of Sound

“…. ‘VEGA Intl. Night School’ was completed, of all places, on a cruise liner, and the sense of unreality and hedonism for hedonism’s sake which permeates modern life on the ocean wave probably informs its more showbiz moments. …..” — Contact Music

While critics may be divided, the growing interest in the new release has generated much buzz. Neon Indian with continues to evolve and draw notice and, at last the four-year-long wait is over as ‘VEGA Intl. Night School’ arrives.

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