Selena Gomez dazzled fans with her live concert performance on Today Show. You can see the video and photos that are flooding social media and find out what she had to say in her live interview on her new album, and growing up and becoming an artist on her own terms.

Selena Gomez

Photo: Selena Gomez
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The 23-year-old former Disney child star is well on her way to pop music superstar, and delivered an electrifying live performance to kick off the Today Show’s new Citi Concert Series.

As for the three-song concert itself, she opened the show with her sultry Billboard Hot 100 No. 1 ‘Good for You’ which is the lead single of ‘Revival.’ Her next performance was of the album’s second official single, ‘Same Old Love.’ Finally, concluding the performance she delivered a performance of her summer smash hit from two years ago, ‘Come and Get It’ (from her ‘Stars Dance’ album) as a mashup with ‘TMe & The Rhythm,’ which is a track from the new album.

She had two interviews, a brief one live on stage surrounded by the fans, as Matt Lauer asked her about what she’s been saying in various interviews, including the Billboard cover story. She reiterated those remarks, saying of this new chapter in her music that she is “growing in this transition” and she went on to say, “I really want to be able to be heard.”

Hoda Kotb asked her about her recent revelation that she had taken a break to undergo chemotherapy treatment for lupus. She said “To be honest, it still kind of makes me a little uncomfortable to talk about.” She went on to add, “I’m just trying to take something that’s maybe negative and turn it into a positive.”

Later in the live interview in Studio 1A, Selena Gomez spoke in more depth about her new music and said in part, “The past two years have been a very transitional time for me.” She didn’t go into the well-publicized details, such as her relationship with former boyfriend Justin Bieber, but did say, “I don’t really regret anything,”

She also spoke with both praise and amazement of her fans, saying, “It baffles me that there are people who will sleep outside for me.” She went on to say, “It’s special. I don’t take it for granted.” She added, “I just want to give my all to those people.”

You can see pictures along with the full video of Selena Gomez’s Today Show concert below!

Photos: Selena Gomez
Credit: PR Photos

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“Good for You”

Interview and “Same Old Love”

“Come and Get It” /” Me and the Rhythm”

Interview in Studio 1A