The Weeknd performed live on Saturday Night Live and Nicki Minaj was the surprise guest on an electrifying remix of his smash hit ‘The Hills.’ Watch the much buzzed about performance and get the scoop on this collaboration that’s become the talk of social media.

The Weeknd Nicki Minaj

Photo: The Weeknd, Nicki Minaj
Credit: PR Photos

There were already high hopes and expectation for The Weeknd on SNL on the episode that saw ‘Trainwreck’ star Amy Schumer debut as the show’s host. And, not surprisingly he sang his hit song, ‘The Hills’ the audience in the famed Studio H8. The song, which is the second official single of his critically acclaimed sophomore studio album ‘Beauty Behind the Madness’ reached No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100. He’s given some dynamic performance of both this single, and his other international smash hit, ‘Can’t Feel My Face,’ notably at the MTV VMAs when he performed on a stage that was literally on fire.

This time around on stage at Saturday Night Live the fire was strictly metaphorical as Nicki Minaj suddenly appeared, and the studio audience and viewers all over the world were taken by complete surprise.

It was a dynamic and downright sexy performance of this entirely brand new, previously unheard remix of ‘The Hills.’ The two music artists alternately stalked, backed away and approached each other on the stage. And, not surprisingly, Nicki Minaj wore one of her famous figure hugging outfits; a low plunging neckline and a mini skirt and, flirted mightily with wardrobe malfunction. In many ways the erotically charged performance was reminiscent of the original wardrobe malfunction of 2004, Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake at the Super Bowl.

But such was not the case, as it was the sheer drama of the music and the staging that sent many to Twitter and elsewhere to weigh in. #TheHillsRemix hashtag quickly trended on Instagram and Twitter.

And it was not just that remix that immediately hit iTunes but, more surprises, a second remix is included, with Eminem. Now suddenly an already memorable and highly dramatic song has new life.

You can see the full video of The Weeknd and Nicki Minaj performing ‘The Hills’ remix in the video below along with his solo performance of ‘Can’t Feel My Face.’