Cate Blanchett opens up about the no-makeup trend, selfies, red carpet double standards and more. And yes, she’s also grabbing headlines and becoming the buzz of social media for, of course, denouncing “likes” and “dislikes.”

 Cate Blanchett

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The Oscar-winning Australian actress is in not one but two Oscar-buzzed movies. In one she’s a married woman who has a lesbian affair, that’s ‘Carol,’based on Patricia Highsmith’s debut novel, “The Price of Salt.” And in the other, she portrays a 60 Minutes producer fired in the real-life saga of former CBS anchor Dan Rather (portrayed by Robert Redfor) and his discredited story of then-candidate George W. Bush’s service record in the National Guard. That’s a spicy mix and so we will be seeing a lot of Cate Blanchett on television, magazine covers, and, yes, the red carpet, of course. There will be quotable quotes, of course.

Let’s take social media, for starters. She spoke with Yahoo! Style on many topics beyond fashion and beauty, and one of them was social media. Well, it began as a discussion of women without makeup and she was asked about how it’s perceived as so daring these days.

She said, “I think it’s because people constantly are taking pictures of ourselves to send them to people to see if they like me, “do they like me?” It’s pathetic, the whole thing about people worrying about what other people are going to think.”

She went on to say of social media overall, “The like and the dislike is just totally primary schoolyard. I cannot for the life of me work out why adults are participating in that sh-t.”

Yet again another celebrity weighs on on social media and denounces it and, of course this leads to the denunciation to become the buzz of social media!

We seem to gravitate to the extremes; there are the celebrities who have millions of followers on Instagram, Twitter and elsewhere and we sit perched waiting for their latest video or picture to comment and share on. And then there are those who don’t take part and don’t seem to suffer from that unique social media malady, FOMO (or Fear Of Missing Out for those who are not, obviously, so afflicted).

She also weighed in on the current debate over what women are asked on the red carpet versus men. She shared her thoughts about how fashion chatter overtakes substance, saying, “Look, I understand, people get really excited about it. The dresses are incredible. Unless you go to a Cotillion ball in the South, when do you get a chance to wear them except to these pageants?”

She went on to say, “But when it takes over and then you’re asked to stand on this 360-degree camera, stick your toes into some device so they can beam your bunions around the world, it’s like, ‘No thank you.’ And when men talk about your clothes above your actual achievement, it’s a bit, you know…”

Yes, trailing off as she’s more than made the point that sadly must be made. The mere fact that we have to have — of course, in social media — the #AskHerMore hashtag in the second decade of the 21st century, which is to say virtually a hundred years after women finally — finally! — achieved the hard-fought right to vote is just beyond absurd.

You can see the full interview here and, yes, see Cate Blanchett dazzle in the red carpet photos below!

Photos: Cate Blanchett
Credit: PR Photos

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