Justin Bieber was smoking weed and drinking Hennessy on stage during a live performance in Auckland, New Zealand and the video, which you can see here, is going viral. It looks an awful lot like old days, and yes, just as he was forging ahead with his comeback.

Justin Bieber

Photo: Justin Bieber
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Yes, after his triumphant concert in Australia on Cockatoo Island at Sydney Harbour, an event so massive on it launched the #BieberIsland hashtag, now news of an entirely different sort is going viral.

It was TMZ, not surprisingly, that got a hold of the fan-shot video of Justin Bieber on stage performing at Rae Sremmurd’s concert in Auckland, New Zealand at The Studio. He is clearly seen puffing on a joint and taking big gulps from a large bottle of Hennessy.

We’ve seen several stellar performances and interviews in which Justin Bieber has shown contrition, but lo and behold, in a wild stage performance we see more than mere glimmers of the past. It’s not the kind of Throwback Thursday or Flashback Friday that we would have hoped for.

Yes, even he himself took to Instagram to document his backsliding. He captioned a video “I ain’t got no type #drunkjustin” which you can see below.

Yes, in the not so distant past, marijuana and he were cozy companions, and one can Google and find many photos and videos from those days that he himself said he was determined to leave behind.

Even days ago in Australia, when asked by ‘Sunrise’ hosts about his past, he’d said of those bad old pot smoking and DUI days, “There were some things I look back on and I’m not proud of. But I look at that, it’s a learning process for me and I wouldn’t take back anything back.” And he said of his life now that he wanted to “spread light, spread hope and spread positivity.”

Yes, that was a few days ago. You can see TMZ’s video of Justin Bieber smoking pot and drinking brandy here.

I ain't got no type #drunkjustin

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