Justin Bieber was a hit in Sydney Harbour performing a live concert on Sunrise on 7 in Australia and the video and pictures, which you can see here, are quickly going worldwide. The returning pop music superstar wowed his immense audience and now social media is abuzz.

Justin Bieber

Photo: Justin Bieber
Credit: PR Photos

With his crowd pleasing performance on morning television in Australia, Justin Bieber continues his global comeback. Having delivered a series of notable performances in the U.S. — most especially his deeply emotional performance of his comeback single ‘What Do You Mean? at the MTV VMAs — he is now taking his newfound artistic maturity to another continent and again, to much acclaim.

Already ruling iTunes charts all over the world, with that very same comeback single, he delivered the live performance the fans were hoping for. And in the process spawned a new hashtag, #BieberIsland, as he performed on Cockatoo Island which Beliebers were quick to rename!

He performed a full set-list which opened with “Mean.” He later performed “Where Are Ü Now,” his collaboration with the DJ duo known as Jack Ü. And from there he launched into the familiar hits that Beliebers most wanted to hear, “Boyfriend,” “All That Matters,” “As Long As You Love Me,” “Baby,” and “Hold Tight.”

He was also interviewed by host Sam Armytage live on the program and spoke about his comeback and reflecting upon his past. He said in part, “There were some things I look back on and I’m not proud of. But I look at that, it’s a learning process for me and I wouldn’t take back anything back.”

It might all seem inevitable now, as the massive publicity campaign for his new album is well underway on a global scale, but there were certainly the dicier moments, as we did not know if the former teen pop sensation would successfully make that transition to the 21-year-old maturing artist he’s become.

Later in the interview he spoke about the backlash he has been subjected to in those tabloid-headlines and legal-entanglement days, saying, ““I learned not to put my belief in what people think. I get my belief from myself and God.”

And with the candor of the interview and the spirited performance, Justin Bieber, whose comeback single has ruled the singles chart in Australia for several weeks, did indeed rule the morning airwaves in Australia and social media in the aftermath.

You can see pictures along with the full video of Justin Bieber in Australia below!