Selena Gomez opened up about her new album ‘Revival’ and forging her artistic independence after leaving Disney. She also speaks about her past relationship with Justin Bieber and weighs in on his comeback in a wide-ranging interview.

Selena Gomez

Photo: Selena Gomez
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The pop music superstar is new album and its title ‘Revival’ are front and center these days. It’s her first new album in more than two years. Two summers ago she ruled the airwaves with ‘Come and Get It,’ one of the hits of the summer from her debut solo album, ‘Stars Dance.’ Now, as time has marched on and she has been known as much for being the on-again-off-again girlfriend of Justin Bieber as for her own music she’s back.

‘Revival’ is her first album with Interscope, her new record label, and indeed that’s part of the reinvention, too as she broke away from the Disney empire that made her a star to begin with. It’s that familiar story by now, that Disney turns unknown little children into little stars, much like the studio system of the golden age of Hollywood of the 1940s and 1950s did for grownups. But then those little stars grow up, and the results aren’t always so pretty.

Selena Gomez is at age 23, avoiding the train-wreck phase. She speaks with The New York Times about this and says, “I’m growing and changing. I was in a relationship, and I was being managed by my parents, and I was still under Hollywood and Disney, and I was being held to this expectation of being the good girl.”

She never named Justin Bieber by name, but did acknowledge his comeback in recent months after that year or so of legal entanglements and overall bad behavior that prompted an apology tour. She said of him, “While people were writing that I was stupid for being in it, this is what I always saw in him…I’m like, duh!”

She went on to say, “I knew deep down that this wasn’t what I wanted to do — being exhausted of forcing something that wasn’t right, even in my personal life. I had to have moments where I was crying and I was like, ‘Why am I not in love with what I do?’ I was forced to get very uncomfortable for a while in order to make the decisions I made.”

And that decision leads us right up to this moment that Gomez can look back and talk about forging a legacy that goes beyond the social media, tabloid and paparazzi frenzy. She says, “I need my work to just outshine all of this because the noise is driving me crazy, and it’s preventing me from leaving my home. When I walk into a place and people look at me, they don’t see an artist.”

She went on to add, ” I definitely remind myself that I’m in control…I feel like ultimately if I sit down and I think about a decision I need to make, it’s really within myself. I make the decision. Everything goes through me.”

You can see Selena Gomez’s interview here. It’s one of what have been many discussions in which she tells us she is different this time around, as the pointedly named ‘Revival’ aims to reveal as well.