Tracy Morgan made a surprise appearance at the Primetime Emmy Awards, delivering an emotional speech which you can see here, revealing he still has his comedic timing. It was his first major appearance since the accident which nearly claimed his life more than a years ago. The former ’30 Rock’ star also opened up about his recovery in a backstage interview.

Tracy Morgan
Photo: Tracy Morgan
Credit: PR Photos

Yes, it was at the very end of the long evening that the 46-year-old comedian took to the stage and delivered an emotional speech that has gone viral and revealing the strides he has made since that accident which saw a Walmart truck slam into his limousine on the New Jersey Turnpike, claiming the life of his friend and mentor, James McNair a.k.a. Jimmy Mac.

He was the presenter for one of the major awards, Best Drama, but it was his appearance — a surprise to everyone, yes, amazingly kept secret in this challenging social media world — that stole the show. And how could it not?!

Tracy Morgan began, saying, “I miss you guys so much. Last year Jimmy Kimmel sat on this stage and said, ‘Next year we’ll see you back here, Tracy Morgan.’ Well, Jimmy, thanks to my amazing doctors and the support of my beautiful new wife, I’m here, standing on my own two feet. And God bless all of you for your love, your prayers, and your positive thoughts over the past 15 months. Thank you.”

As the audience gave him enthusiastic applause, he went to speak of how “happy and honored” he was to be at the Emmy Awards ceremony. He opened up about his journey, saying, “It’s been a long road back. I suffered a traumatic brain injury that put me in a coma for eight days.”

And, revealing to the world that the comedian that we’ve long known is back, Tray Morgan quipped, “When I finally regained consciousness, I was ecstatic to learn that I wasn’t the one who messed up.”

And that was not all, continuing in his comedic mode, he went on to say, “Only recently I’ve started to feel like myself again, which means a whole lot of you women are gonna get pregnant at the after party. It’s going down.”

The comedian who has had such a hard fought and inspiring recovery was met with cheers and applause and, simultaneously social media was lighting up with excitement.

Later, in a backstage interview, Tracy Morgan told US Weekly about the strong support he’d received from his longtime partner, Megan Wollover, whom he had just married in August, saying, “My wife wouldn’t let me do that, my son wouldn’t let me do that, and I looked at my little daughter’s face, and they wouldn’t let me do that.”

He went on to tell the celebrity news outlet, “I just hope my tragedy and Jimmy’s death isn’t in vain. This thing that happened to me can be prevented now from people just dying in the road, that’s what I hope. But I wouldn’t give up. My father was drafted into Vietnam at 17 and he wouldn’t give up, so I wanted to be like my father. Even when he got AIDS he never gave up, so we don’t do that as Morgans.”

And his impressive appearance at the Emmys certainly proved his determination and resolve. He has been marking off the milestones. Previously, he had said he wanted to walk the aisle in his wedding ceremony without a cane, and mission accomplished. He returned to the Emmys at Jimmy Kimmel’s beckoning. His next milestone is his return to the iconic Saturday Night Live stage that first brought him fame. No doubt he will surprise us and make us laugh all over again.

See red carpet pictures and watch the full video of Tracy Morgan at the Emmy Awards below!