Ellen Page and her girlfriend Samantha Thomas made their red carpet as a couple at the TIFF and the pictures and video, which you can see here, are lighting up social media. The happy couple were quite a hit at the premiere of ‘Freeheld.’

Ellen Page

Photo: Ellen Page
Credit: PR Photos

After famously coming out in a speech last year, Ellen Page and her girlfriend Samantha Thomas confirmed their relationship with a positively romantic joint appearance.

A red carpet debut with one’s significant other can be met with a lot of attention, and such is the case with . After all, if you are the debuting couple, you know the photographers will be snapping away and that those photos will be all over social media while the red carpet you’re standing on is still beneath your feet.

Such was the case at the Toronto International Film Festival. But yes, despite that much anticipated premiere, for a time, all eyes and attention were on Ellen Page and Samantha Thomas, and social media in deciding the couple is completely adorable has let out a collective “Awww.”

They certainly look happy, and we don’t have to rely on inferences, as Ellen Page herself was gushing with happiness in an interview with E!News as she said, “I’m in love.” She went on to say, “Walking down the carpet holding my girlfriend’s hand is pretty special. It’s pretty awesome.”

Yes, safe to say, the movie premiere itself was nearly overshadowed by the story on the red carpet. No small feat as the ‘Freehold’ has received much buzz. In the movie, which is based on a true story, Page and Julianne Moore portray a lesbian couple facing what had been a struggle for LGBT rights for many couples when Moore’s character, a police detective, becomes terminally ill with cancer and wants to leave her pension and benefits to her surviving partner.

But not only was it an exciting night for one happy couple, but thankfully, in the time that has passed since the sad circumstances of the couple portrayed in ‘Freehold,’ same-sex couples have won, decidedly, once and for all, that decisive and important battle for marriage equality.

You can see more of these Ellen Page and Samantha Thomas photos and video below from the TIFF ‘Freehold’ premiere!

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