Emily Ratajkowski, the model in Robin Thicke’s ‘Blurred Lines’ music video says it’s the “bane of my existence” in a cover story interview in InStyle UK. Yes, time goes on, but the indelible image and association linger, and in speaking out about it, well, the inevitable, the association just got a new boost.

Emily Ratajkowski

Photo: Emily Ratajkowski
Credit: PR Photos

The 24-year-old model and actress was essentially an unknown until that video. Any uptick in fame would be an adjustment, and to speak out about it, well, as noted, it intensifies the association.

For those who perhaps could not spell her last name are getting a new chance to learn how to spell it since suddenly it’s everywhere in close proximity to “Blurred Lines.”

Emily Ratajkowski told InStyle UK, “I wasn’t into the idea at all at first. I think I came off as a bit annoyed in the video.”

She went on to say, “Now, it’s the bane of my existence. When anyone comes up to me about Blurred Lines, I’m like, are we seriously talking about a video from three years ago?”

Dutifully the publication points out that she does have some screen credits since that video, including ‘Gone Girl,’ ‘Entourage’ as well as her current movie, which sees her making these obligatory promo rounds, ‘We Are Your Friends,’ opposite Zac Efron.

And yes, time has marched on for all parties. After all, back in those days, Robin Thicke was still married to Paula Patton, had the song of the summer in ‘Blurred Lines’ and along with it, he himself was on a bit of an apology tour for the controversial lyrics, and the even more controversial lyrics, which of course included Emily Ratajkowski who was wearing nothing whatsoever, at least in the uncensored version which got banned from YouTube and even, to this day, one must watch the “unrated” video on VEVO, not YouTube.

As for her future, beyond, YouTube video views, she said, “I’m not looking to play the pretty-girl type that you would expect from a model turned actress. I want to surprise people. Maybe play the weird girl. It takes fighting for, which I’m prepared to do.”

And yes, it’s survivable. After all when we think of other actresses who got their start as now-iconic sex symbols — Jane Fonda as Barbarella, Raquel Welch’s bikini in ‘One Million Years B.C,’ and most certainly, Jessica Lange, who had the Fay Wray role in the 1970s remake of ‘King Kong.’ So okay, in the 2010s we’re a bit more racy and much less clothing is involve. But still, we’re quite certain, it’s survivable!

The full interview is here and she Emily Ratajkowski does address other topics besides ‘Blurred Lines!’ and the black-and-white photos, of course, are stunning.