Kenny Chesney talks about his life after The Big Revival Tour,’ and shares his future plans, dreams and ambitions and thoughts on new music and much more in a new interview.

Kenny Chesney

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The 47-year-old country music superstar has had one mega-successful headlining tour after another, and his most recent is no exception. ‘The Big Revival Tour’ wrapped on August 28th before a massive audience of 120,000 at Gillette Stadium outside Boston; see highlights video and pictures below. One might have thought the New England Patriots were playing that night from the size of the crowd.

Chesney spoke with Rolling Stone Country and said, “The end of the tour is a lot like the last day of school.” Continuing, he elaborated and said, “There’s this double-edged sword. You’re tired and ready for a break but you don’t want it to end because you wake up the next day and there’s nowhere to go.”

As for what he does after the grind of the life on the road, he said, “The last 15 years of my life, the very next day after the last show, I fly south and wake up and get on my boat, and I can hear the ringing in my ears from all summer.”

Further reflecting, he spoke collectively of his entire touring crew, which RS notes numbers 110 people, and he said, “We’re just celebrating the fact that, first of all, we have music in our lives and we get to share it with each other and all the faces we got to share it with. And the flip side of that coin is to blow off a whole lot of steam.”

And of course, once an artist is not on tour, we immediately imagine that after the much-needed pause they’re hitting the studio. Of that, Chesney said, “I haven’t written a song in a while and I’m looking forward to getting to that place where I can shut my mind down enough to even begin that process.”

Noting that though he had written “several songs” for the most recent tour, he noted that “since then we’ve either been preparing to tour, touring, or promoting that record and I haven’t been in a creative place to be still enough to get into that spot. I’m looking forward to that.”

As for a new album, and when fans might expect it, he said, “The business of doing business always has you thinking about it…But the one thing I loved about The Big Revival was that we didn’t make that record in a cycle. I would love to have new music next year for the tour but I will tell you I’m not going to let next year’s tour dictate new music.”

As far as tidbits go, those are certainly tantalizing. There will be a tour next year, of course, and who knows, perhaps even an album.

The full interview is here as Chesney speaks on other topics including his visit to survivors of the Boston Marathon bombing.

And be sure to check out photos and video below from the last night of Kenny Chesney’s ‘The Big Revival Tour!’

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