Demi Lovato sang ‘Cool for the Summer’ on Jimmy Kimmel Live in skintight short shorts and tall boots and the video and the photos, which you can see here, capture the exuberant performance that was more than a bit sizzling! See why she’s causing a stir on social media.

Demi Lovato

Photo: Demi Lovato
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Yes, the 23-year-old former Disney Sonny with a Chance star continues her transition to pop music superstar with an edge. It’s one thing to pose for magazine covers and pepper the world with quotable quotes about body confidence, but, as the expression goes, show us, don’t tell us!

And that’s just what she did for those tuning in to late-night television, or catching the video and the pics a day later. Demi Lovato has named her new album ‘Confidence’ and lately has been demonstrating just that.

Much has happened in the five years since she entered rehab. She’s gone from making tabloid headlines for erratic to returning on the other side as a bestselling self-help author and role model and now, of late, having one of the smash hit songs of the summer.

At least now, as we write about her, we’re not detailing a sad decline, but instead, some daring, but still tasteful stage costumes. Skin tight black shorts — that were especially short in the back! — a midriff-bearing and tropically colorful top, and, how about those retro-1960s fishnets and go-go boots!

She started the day with a no-makeup selfie on Instagram and ended it, delighting fans at the outdoor stage on Jimmy Kimmel Live in a mini-concert. And, as you can see below she was dutifully signing autographs and posing for pics with her devoted fans, the Lovatics.

The new album, ‘Confidence,’ is due out in October and there’s no doubt we’ll see plenty more of Demi Lovato rocking pop music superstar costumes and displaying an exuberance that’s palpable.

She also had a lively interview in the studio with host Jimmy Kimmel Live, which you can also see below along with all the pics and the hot musical performances.

Photos: Demi Lovato
Credit: PR Photos

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