Justin Bieber delivered an emotional charged performance of his comeback single, ‘What Do You Mean?” at the MTV VMAs, which saw him break down in tears at the end; see the video that everyone’s talking about, along with the music video which of the song debuted after the show. In all it was quite an eventful night as the former teen idol makes his blazing return to the music scene.

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Yes, for all those who weren’t paying attention Justin Bieber is back, this time as a music artist, not as a reverse role model who can’t stay out of tabloid headlines. Now we can write about him and the only parental advisory we might need is in mentioning that intensely racy new music video with the curvaceous model and rumored (but unconfirmed) girlfriend, Xenia Deli.

His new single, ‘What Do You Mean?’ was released just a few days earlier after a 30-day countdown with a staggering number of celebrities participating — 79! — including the likes of and many others.

In an interview with Ryan Seacrest just a couple days before the performance, the now 21-year-old Justin Bieber spoke about his anticipation, saying, “I’m so excited, but I’m so nervous. I am nervous about the VMAs. I just want it to be so awesome, and I’m perfectionist, and then I start getting in my head.”

And it was a stellar performance he gave that night at the Microsoft Theater in L.A., no one disagrees with that. If he had critics and detractors to silence, let’s say he succeeded.

It had been five years since he took to the stage at the MTV Music Video Awards, and from the start, he was back with his signature dance moves as he began by performing ‘Where Are U Now,’ his collaboration with Skrillex and Diplo which has become a bit of a club music hit around the world. Yes, this was the Justin Bieber we remember from his many live performances back in the day.

And from there, he segued into his comeback single, delivering a poignant and vocally solid performance of the inspirational song. And yes, at the end, as the audience gave him a standing ovation and massive applause, he broke down in tears.

And as he became a trending topic all over social media, from Twitter to Instagram to Facebook and every other such platform you can think of, along came that music video with that sexy costar, Xenia Deli. As many have observed, it’s one of those music videos that’s a mini-movie crammed into a very few minutes; it’s directed by Brad Furman and also costarring John Leguizamo.

Yes, there’s a plot of sorts. Justin Bieber having some up-close-and-personal (very much so) moments with his love interest, when suddenly, kidnappers arrive. Yes, it’s quite a scorcher.

So all in all, we can say, it was quite a blazing night on the comeback trail, from the raw emotion of tears after a thrilling live performance, to the splashy and quickly going viral music video’s release. And, with an album due out in November, we’ll be seeing much more of Justin Bieber if this is an indication, and of course, it is, it is!

You can see Justin Bieber’s MTV VMAs performance and the ‘What Do You Mean?” music video below!

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