Jessie James Decker opens up about her pregnancy in a new interview and shares her thoughts about diet, exercise and what she plans to do to regain her figure even as she posts numerous baby bump photos (which you can see here). She’s got some surprising comments on the post-baby-body quest that are going viral.

Jessie James Decker

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Yes, the 28-year-old Jessie James Decker is not shy about pregnancy show and tell. She’s got a duel life as a country music star — with a new single out ‘Lights Down Low’ — and as the wife of NFL star Eric Decker, wide receiver for the New York Jets. As such, she’s one half of the E! reality TV duo ‘Eric & Jessie: Game On’

Yes, we expect a reality TV star to document her life in front of the camera and in social media and Decker does not disappoint. Her Instagram account is filled with a staggering number of baby bump photos; selfies, red carpet pics, you name it. Same for Twitter and YouTube.

It will be the second child for the couple; she gave birth to the first child more than a year ago, a daughter, Vivianne Rose Decker. She famously chronicled her first pregnancy on Instagram and so by now her 1.6 million followers know what to expect.

It’s not a surprise that it’s E!News that has her recent interview. She told the outlet just what she thought about that mad dash to get one’s figure back after giving birth, and said, “A lot of women stress about losing the baby weight, but I’m not going to be rushing to drop the pounds.”

She went on to note that she’ll be having a C-section and will have to “to really take it easy for the first few weeks, so exercising will be the last thing on my mind!”

As for her eventual and inevitable fitness routine, Jessie James Decker said, “But when it’s time to start getting into shape I’ll probably start slowly and take walks with my babies. I usually keep light dumb bells near the TV so during commercials I can do a little something.” She went on to say, “Plus, breastfeeding burns some serious calories, so that helps, too.”

The public continues to be fascinated with pregnant celebrities and especially those who are so publicly pregnant and Jessie James Decker brazenly is a cottage industry for such. She went on compare her two pregnancies noting they were “very different in every way imaginable” including her cravings.

She explained, saying, “When I was pregnant with Vivi I craved anything that would make a woman gain a ton of weight. I wanted (and ate!) ice cream and French fries all the time and couldn’t get enough. No wonder I gained so much weight with Vivi! This time around, fortunately, my cravings are much tamer.”

She went on to say, “There really isn’t anything I can’t live without, so carrying my and Eric’s son has made me put on about 24 pounds, a much smaller number than 55!”

You can see the full interview here and, as the proverbial pictures mean so much more than the proverbial thousand words, check out some of the latest Jessie James Decker baby bump photos below!

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