Mira Pak was Terrence Howard’s wife. The ‘Empire’ star’s divorce was reported after the fact and now the photos of the beautiful former model who was once his bride are in demand and you can see them here and find out what is being reported in major media, now after the fact.

Mira Pak and Terrence Howard

Photo: Mira Pak and Terrence Howard
Credit: PR Photos

The 38-year-old Mira Pak — also known as Miranda Howard — and the 46-year-old Terrance Howard were married in 2013 and were still married. Or so the world thought. As has been reported first by the New York Daily News, it was only through a legal proceeding that this divorce news was made public.

According to the newspaper, in a Los Angeles court during closing arguments in what has been an ongoing lawsuit involving Terrence Howard and his second wife, Michelle Ghent, these details were revealed; the couple’s divorce was granted on July 27th.

A divorce concealed and revealed only as a consequence of the legal system is not the usual order in the celebrity world. Rumors often swirl ahead of time, and then, an official statement or, lately these days, an update on social media.

But a secret divorce of the star of ‘Empire,’ easily one of the most popular shows on television these days? To say the entertainment world is stunned is an understatement.

And not only that, the couple so frequently seen on the red carpet recently welcomed their first child; a baby boy whom they named Qirin Love was born in May of this year. But according to the New York Daily News, Pak had filed for divorce from her husband while she was still pregnant.

The details of the Mira Pak biography have been already widely reported; the former model turned restauranteur whose full name is Mira Cristine Pak, was naturally put under the lens of celebrity-media outlet scrutiny. But after the initial curiosity, the couple, married after all, and seemingly in red-carpet bliss, if not also domestic bliss were hardly a news item.

What further details may emerge, time will tell. Names of women and alleged affairs? It wouldn’t be a surprise. But for now, as the next season of ‘Empire’ is set to begin, the life of its star is overshadowing his fictitious and larger-than-life character. More photos of Mira Pak, Terrence Howard’s wife — number three and no longer — are below.

Photos: Mira Pak and Terrence Howard
Credit: PR Photos

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