Jordin Sparks opened up about breakups, romance and more in a lively and revealing new interview. As the one-time American Idol winner and R&B singer relaunches her career with a new album, ‘Right Here Right Now’ she has much to say.

Jordin Sparks

Photo: Jordin Sparks
Credit: PR Photos

The 25-year-old Jordin Sparks has been everywhere of late, displaying her new slim physique and her updated image, as she edges her way back into the pop music landscape. After all, it was the previous decade when she last released an album, ‘Battlefield’ in 2009. These days that’s a long time — Instagram didn’t even exist back then!

Times change rapidly, and is the American Idol winner — again a whole decade ago 2005! — keeping up with the times? Well, she’s doing her part, in releasing a new album, appropriately titled, ‘Right Here Right Now.’

And in an interview with Ryan Seacret she revealed how the album’s title — which is also the title track which saw her doing some sensuous dancing in the desert in the music video — means to her.

She said of it, “Sometimes you think of that one moment when you pass somebody and you lock eyes with somebody. There can be that moment where, ‘What if we actually would’ve spoken to each other, or touched hands, or there was a possibility of a kiss?’

She continued, saying, “All we have is right here, right now. So that’s what that song is inspired by. You know, just that moment like, ‘Are we going to take this kiss or what? Are we going to let it pass us by?’”

And, on the flip side, Jordin Sparks opened up on breakups, in general. She has in the past spoken of her split with former boyfriend and fellow R&B music star Jason Derulo, whom she dated for several years. But this time around, she opened up about advice her mother had given her to allow 21 days to mourn and no more.

She said of breaking up, You definitely want to go through the emotions and things like that and feel, but you can’t just stay in that place because life goes on. So that’s what I did. I gave myself 21 days from whenever it was, and I woke up and I was like, ‘Okay, I’m moving on. I gave it all the tears and all the feelings, but now it’s time to move on and that’s that.’”

Rigorous, yes, but the 21 days should not strike anyone as somehow random; it’s the proverbial 21 days that is often-cited that it takes to start a habit or to break one. Think of all of those 21 day diets, and 21 day kickstarts diets. Thus, 21 days to a new life, after shedding the excess weight of the past.

And, of course, it makes for newsworthy tidbits for social media, and her comments are going viral, just as her ‘Right Here Right now’ album is about to be released. You can listen to the audio of Jordin Sparks’s interview below and watch the music video of the title track!