Lana Del Rey’s ‘High by the Beach’ music video is causing quite a stir. Not only does the brandish a gun but she uses it. And her target? A paparazzi helicopter. It’s going viral, as do most of her visuals; check it out and see what all the fuss is about!

Lana Del Rey

Photo: Lana Del Rey
Credit: PR Photos

The 30-year-old singer-songwriter continues to draw a rise out of critics and social media with her provocative interviews, and, most especially with her even more provocative music which is trounced only by the provocative videos.

Such is the case when ‘High by the Beach’ is not getting attention, as one might imagine, for a mood-altering substance illegal or legal. No, ultimately, despite the song’s lyrics, this music video winds up being about a different kind of high altogether. It’s a tranquil setting by the beach, yes, but the tranquility comes to an end with the whirling blades and noise of a helicopter whose sole intention is to move in close for some pricy pics to sell to tabloids.

All in the life and times of a celebrity. Yes, but not this time around. This cinematic and vivid narrative finds Lana Del Rey taking steady aim and blowing up the paparazzi helicopter, no doubt a secret wish of more than a few celebrities and public figures. Ah, but they don’t make a music video and embody the antihero superhero who carries out the task for which the rest can only take their vicarious pleasure.

Yes, that’s Lana Del Rey, ever the provocateur. Her new album is entitled, ‘Honeymoon,’ and it’s due out in September. It’s her first new release since the critically acclaimed ‘Ultraviolence,’ of last summer. Knowing her penchant for ironic titles, one can safely assume this is not going to be the kind of post-nuptials paradise. And for now, with this latest music video, she’s taken over the Internet, more or less, at least for the moment. If all goes as per plan, we can likely expect the unexpected in the days leading up to the album’s release.

You can watch Lana Del Rey heavily armed, and undertaking the task in the ‘High By the Beach’ music video below!